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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Malibumatt, May 17, 2018.

  1. Malibumatt

    Malibumatt Member

    This will be my 6th cycle, and I have done one show where I did middleweight BB and classic.

    I have never ran Primo, and I was wondering what any of you guys have tried and liked with it.

    I’m 198-200 lbs, 5’6” and around 12% BF now.

    My plan is this.

    16 week cycle with lean mass in mind.
    750 mgs Sust/week
    300-400 mgs tren
    700 mgs Primo
    Var or A bombs for 4-5 week’s somewhere in there.

    3-6 ius of growth split AM/PM

    I have always blasted and cruised, but I am completely cleaned out now and have been for 8 weeks or so. For the dudes wondering about coming off... I didn’t lose as much strength as I thought, but the size went down a little. Not worried about it though.

    Any advice, experience, or insight would be helpful.

    Also, I can get Bayer Rimabolan, but was wondering if PC’s Primo is good... anyone?

  2. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    I love primo.
    I cycle it at 700-1000mg/week with test e.
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  3. coz

    coz Member

    I'm on PC 200 primo now, 3rd week in - so still early, but liking it so far. I also have used Bayer before and have backup of it incase needed, but am feeling same so far - except happier for less oil per shot :)

    I'd front load the Primo if you are going to run it, to get it kicking quicker. Not sure how it stacks with tren - never tried
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  4. Malibumatt

    Malibumatt Member

    Let me know in a few weeks how you like that 200 Primo from PC. I am very interested. Thanks brother.
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  5. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    I also prefer the 200mg/ml. I dont run PC. I brew. But ima sure PC is good. Never had anything bad from them.
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  6. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    For leaner gains I'd drop the test to 300 ew. I'd stack so far with that too.
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  7. coz

    coz Member

    Sure will try man, ping me if i forget, as I usually do :)
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  8. mands

    mands Member Supporter

    All looks good except the Test looks a little high for me with that stack.

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  9. Apexvallen

    Apexvallen Member Supporter

    Really? Not only single thing? You mustn't have eyes.
  10. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    Ok what did you get from them that was bad? Only bad thing i heard was their hgh.
    And of cource i havn’t tried every damn thing they have.
  11. cobra500

    cobra500 Member

    Are you front loading the primo?
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  12. Malibumatt

    Malibumatt Member

    I didn’t plan on it, but open to ideas. Does it really help kick in faster?
  13. m314

    m314 Member

    There's no real need to frontload if you're running 700 mg for 16 weeks. You'll see results in the first few weeks with that dose. Frontloading is better when you already have experience with a compound and know what to expect.
  14. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    I have never fronloaded anything so i know nothing. In theory yeh seems like could work.

    My cycle is:
    Week 1-4: primo 700mg/week + testo e 400mg/week
    Week 5-12: primo 1000mg/week, testo 400mg/week

    It takes some weeks to kick in, but damn after week 5 got som nice strenght gains.
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