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    Hey Meso Fam! I started my Primo cycle on 5/27. I'm running 50mg/wk & pinning 25mg every Monday & Thursday. My plan is to run this for 12 wks. I might add in Anavar mid-way, if all is going well.

    If you missed my introduction- I'm 30, 5'3.5", & 132.6lbs as of this morning.

    For diet, I'm at a deficit eating 1650 cals/day (give or take a little). Right now, I have it set at 40p/40c/20f. Originally, I thought I'd go with a Keto-style diet, and did that for a few weeks prior to beginning my cycle. I had a harder time in the gym so I decided against it. Hopefully, eating at a deficit will be enough to burn some gristle. I'll see how that goes!

    For training, I'm using Layne Norton's power/hypertrophy routine. This is something I just started & am liking thus far. I discovered it via Meso (thanks y'all!) & am expecting success with it! I'm also aiming to get 5 cardio sessions in each week.. burn fat burn!

    As for supplements, I've been taking a MVI, Glucosamine/Chondroitin, & Glutamine. Adding BCAAs, CLA, & L-Carnitine as soon as they arrive (supposed to be by end of week). I'm prescribed Vyvanse and take that daily too.

    The first stick I did myself, in the quad. I spent a solid 30 mins in anxiety and procrastination beforehand, lol. I was giving myself a pep talk the entire time, reminding that I'm a badass and should not be freaked out by self-injecting! With shaky hands & a rapid heartbeat, it was done! I'm no stranger to giving injections, and pin my husband daily.. go figure! Second time around, I got him to do it. We went for the other quad this time. He went in slowly and was pushing on the syringe with way too much force.. I wasn't too happy! My legs were sore for a couple of days after each pin, but not intolerable. Third pin, which was yesterday, I decided I wanted to try the glute. Got hub to DART it in for me, and I pushed. It was painless & I do not feel sore at all. Decided I'm going to use my booty every injection now!

    As far as sides go, today was the first time I noticed anything (8 days post first injection). My throat was feeling scratchy & I felt like my voice was cracking a tad. I don't know if it's because I was overthinking the voice thing, but I started having some anxiety this afternoon. I'm really hoping it was caused by something other than the Primo, as it seems really early to already be experiencing this side. If it continues or gets worse, not sure I would continue. Another first today, my clit seems to be ever-so-slightly swollen. Not a big deal. I feel like I have more endurance in the gym the last few days, but maybe it's a mental thing. I wasn't expecting to reap any benefits for a couple of weeks, but bring it on, Primo.

    Here's a pic of my post-workout, sweaty self today. :p

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    Here are some pics I took yesterday. Hoping to get some of that fat off, as there's a nice amount of lean muscle hiding underneath! I have stretch marks from pregnancy and also some loose skin.. things that won't go away:( My abdomen and back are on the leaner side, buuut the front is covered in scars.. which I let bother me more than I should. Nevertheless, I'm working hard to be the best that I can. So y'all be nice, please:)

    *back shot a little older, btw.

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    and what fat?
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    Haha, honestly I have quite a bit on the inner, outer, and back of my thighs.. talking I can grab a handful :oops: I also have stretch marks in those places.. not tight, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing :confused: Same with the back of my arms, minus the stretch marks. Oh and there's lots of fat on my ass too :)
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    the fat ass is good, not beibg that guy either... Spot reductions doesn't work well, try a tighter diet and kick up the cardio. I'm a huge fan of carb cycling. Works great and the best part is you are not so hungry all the time. If there is anything I can help with on carb cucling, let me know if you want to give it a go. Please keep us posted.
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    Subbed!! You look absolutely great @MamaLifts. I can see some nice separation in your back already. I can't wait to see it as well as the changes the rest of your body is going to go through by the end of your cycle. Good luck on your run
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    Wow!!! You look great!! Welcome! I've had great success with layne norton's program! I look forward to following your progress!
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    Not to sound like a complete bitch or try to be a 'know-it-all' (because I am not) but I need to say something. Sorry for bringing it up in your log @MamaLifts but GTD, you need to stop sounding like a used car salesperson! It's tiring and annoying. Every post I have noticed you post is about you telling people to carb cycle and fasted cardio... you crawl out from under some rock after a while and start giving the same general "advice" about something you know very little about, ESPECIALLY when I comes to women. Maybe it's your approach but it's driving many individuals, including myself bonkers and I have been asked by several to address it. So STOP IT! SHUT UP AND LEARN BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Carb cycling is a new concept even for you so I don't understand how you could even think about trying to help another with it. Cutting and pasting your outline that is based on your old weight from last year isn't going to help anyone, not even you!

    FAT ASS? really? that is not what you want to tell a female that her ass should be. We work our asses off to ensure they have plump, round awesome shape and lifted not a FAT ASS. Those words you do not even say to a female, no one wants to be a FAT ASS or have one!

    SPOT REDUCTIONS??? Are you kidding me? THAT DOESN'T EXIST! Otherwise plastic surgeons would be out of business.

    TIGHTER DIET and KICK UP THE CARDIO? She's in deficit already, adjusting food choices yes but no need to reduce/tighten up further and cardio wouldn't be the problem here as she is doing plenty (5x/wk), her weight training will be what will get her where she needs to be.

    So do us all a favor GTD and shut up and learn. Please stop posting your cut and pasted nonsense in every thread to people who are clearly WAAAAAAY more advanced and ahead of you. Maybe you could learn something from them instead!
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    You look great and have a great base! Great potential! And remember scars are war wounds - be proud of them!
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    Your 100% correct, I guess times have changed since a few months ago. Just so you know, I would have done the same thing as I did before if it helped. Meaning I would have tagged you to set up the numbers. I never said I was an expert, just have good results with it. I started "fasted cardio" from you. I said spot reduction is hard from your advice. I have told you I'm far from an expert with female knowledge. You know I said I learned more from this from you then I gave. I disappeared? Correct, I did. I did apologize for why I disappeared. Did you not read that?
    So, Monkey, thank you for all your help and I'm truly sorry I offended you.

    @MamaLifts you seriously should listen to GG, she is a good person and great at what she does. Sorry to bring this negativity to you thread.
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    I appreciate the offer to help. I may in fact change my ratio and lower my carbs somewhat & see how I do. Just don't want to go too low because I won't perform nearly as well, especially on power days. If I decide to carb cycle, I know who I'll go to for info;) And believe me, I'm all too aware that spot reduction doesn't work.. was just responding to
    ^THIS^ :)

    Thank you @Iron Vett ! I can't wait either!! :D

    Thanks so much @Wendylifts , I read your Primo/Var log and it was very helpful! Your body is amazing and damn you are strong.. goals!

    Last but not least, thank you @GearGodess :) And you're right- my marks are motherhood & that I'm definitely proud of.
    ^^^ this all the way.. I have high expectations with Layne Norton's program! I'll be busting my "fat ass" to make it happen;)
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    thanks for posting your log. I am sure you will have good results from layne routine. I use a modified version of it and it has really helped add size and strength. it can be a bit brutal off cycle but with the added drive and recovery time from aas it is awesome
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    Thanks but I'm sure people don't need your approval to ask for advice or be told that they have to listen. They will ask whomever they please and at best, they will go off posts that are already there and that should give them an idea of people's credibility. I don't need people to say "listen to her" because they will do as they please. Besides, I'm no expert or doctor but just a female living this lifestyle for a long time. If they come and ask me questions, of course I will be there to help if I can. I always have, through threads, pms and always when I am tagged.

    As for information that I have given you when you asked, yes I have helped you with adjusting your diet, cardio and training as you are still new to it all. There were a few people that helped. So yes, piece of advice, since carb cycling is what you like to do now, just keep in mind that you always have to keep adjusting according to your current stats and goals as you will not progress if you always do the same exact thing over and over. That goes not only for diet but training as well. You must adjust in order to move forward and make changes to your body.

    OK moving on... back to the original thread.
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    Just keep pushing forward! Don't over think things, it will take a bit for the primo to fully kick in and once it does, you will love it.

    Adjust your food as needed, this is key of how well you will do and you know this! So looking forward to your progress updates.
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    Thanks for sharing:) Glad to hear another person say they've had success with the program.. very encouraging! I can't wait for the Primo to really kick in and help out! Because of my schedule, I always do cardio right after training and maaaaan I'm soaked when leaving the gym (along with my sweat towel:eek:)! But, I've always been a big sweater.. yahoo:rolleyes:
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    Side note- when I was finishing up my workout yesterday the chick from the business office walked up to me (inside I was thinking, "what have I done??" Lol). She then told me that they just got new bikes in the cycling room & was wondering if she could use me as the model on one for their monthly information flyer. Though I was a hot mess, I agreed :D Just thought I'd share that lil ego stroke with you guys:p

    When I woke up I thought maybe I was looking a tad leaner. I've also felt more intense emotionally the last couple of days, but that's something that always happens the week prior to my period, which happens to be now.. meh. I can always tell it's coming because of this! That's something that I've noticed has gotten progressively worse with age.. anyone else??

    Anyway, just semi-patiently waiting for the Primo to really kick in.. tick tock!!
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    So how's the cycle going?
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    Hey @Wendylifts , thanks for asking! Can I just be lean like you already?? ;)

    I started to reply to this several times but kept getting pulled away to something else.. ugh. From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep it's "balls to the wall"!

    Cycle is going well. Still pretty early. This started my 3rd week & I'm 5 pins in. I was thinking I looked a bit leaner & my husband commented, confirming my thoughts.. no prompting required! I've also gotten a couple of comments at the gym. I'm feeling stronger & adding weight on all my lifts. However, I'm being pretty conservative about it. My husband said I need to push it & I know he's right. I just don't like to fail. It's a mental thing & really, it's holding me back. I guess you could call that failure in and of itself:eek: Next power day I'm really going to see what I can do!

    -My voice is still sounding slightly hoarse/raspy.

    -I find myself more easily agitated & aggressive.. as in balling my fists & gritting my teeth over everyday, stressful shit kind of thing.

    -My sex drive is definitely up & the pink pearl is still swollen.. to the point of embarrassment when aroused:oops: It's proabably not that bad, but I still don't like it. I keep recalling the words "baby dick" & the thought freaks me out lol.

    -I stay thirsty! I'm doing my best to increase my water intake, but damn, it feels like I can never get enough. I'm constantly running to the bathroom & it's annoying.

    *No oily skin, acne, or loss of hair yet. At night I've been religiously cleaning my face with stridex wipes, so I'm sure that's helping. I also go without makeup most days (I'd just sweat it off anyway!), & that helps too.

    I'll be updating with pics along the way. For now, gonna crash.. alarm goes off in <5 hrs!
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    Yay!! You should be seeing strength gains soon! And that's always the most rewarding part. :). I know what you mean about agressive, pissed off and horny. I'm so glad I'm straight because men are willing to forgive all behavior to get laid. lol. I get the embarrassment over the "enlargement" too. But men seem to dig it because they don't have to guess where it is anymore lol! You're still good as long as it doesn't look like you sat on a firecracker. ;)

    Get rest-get gains!!
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    Bahahaha, ok yes I'm good then :D
    Hub is on cycle too & the tren has got him equally horny.. pretty sure he'd excuse any and all bitchy behavior along with my vaginal aesthetics lol. We're nonstop in all ways 'round here ;)

    And yaaaaas waiting on the big strength gains.. can't come soon enough! Working my ass off in the meantime.. just need to work on getting it into bed earlier:)
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