Primo is it worth it??

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Nela, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Nela

    Nela Member

    Ok lads and chickas what's good about this product be straight up is this stuff worth it obviously if you're chubby it ant going to do shizt !

    But if you're between 8% to12% is this stuff decent....

    What have you gotten from this let's hear what this stuff is like ?

    Dosages eod pinning ?

    How long did it start for the effects to work ?

    What did you run it with?

    Ps I could search but let's hear some recent material :)

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  2. Ophydian

    Ophydian Member

    Running it now and I love it. Takes sometime to notice but I’d say body comp changes happen on a weekly basis. Hair is thinning more rapidly than before but it’s happening for the last 9 years so I’m cool with it.

    I was running NPP and high test and didn’t get nearly the amount of compliments as I am getting now.

    Curreny 300 Test and 900 Primo
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  3. joesmoke

    joesmoke Junior Member

    I love primo, but needs to be at least 600mg per week. My test is 500 as well with a little halo or dbol to boot.
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  4. CptnCaveman

    CptnCaveman Member

    +1 on this. Would also like to know y’alls experiences with this compound, as I’m debating if I want to run it on my next cycle.
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  5. JackSmooth

    JackSmooth Member

    I’ll add another question to the thread. When those that have used it, is your goal bulk, cut, recomp?
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  6. I ran it once. 1g/wk of E. Easy on the body compared to a lot of others. Helped me get toned a little more and some strength but not a whole lot. And I was 12-15%by maybe...

    I was in the same boat as you and told myself, "if I'm going to run it, I'm going to run it high". Someone told me 1g/wk was the sweet spot
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  7. JackSmooth

    JackSmooth Member

    Would you say it was worth it and would spend money to do it again?
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  8. Keepittight

    Keepittight Member

    I think of primo as expensive masteron.
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  9. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    It's my favorite anabolic hands down!!! Its expensive so I normally only get 1 good run a year with it, but I love it. 700/wk is the sweet spot for me, I've been as high as 2 grams a week with primo and didn't get anything 700/wk didnt give me
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  10. To pay retail? Probably not. If you or someone you knew got raws and made it yourself, it's more reasonable...
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  11. TRT

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    I'm literally gonna start 700mg of primo ace ED tomorrow so I can not comment on experience.
    Edit: that's 700mg a week. Knew that didn't sound right. Lol
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  12. How many weeks have you been running it? How many weeks were you running it before others started to notice?
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  13. Savagesteve

    Savagesteve Member

    Ran it at 400 and loved it. Can’t wait to run it again and gonna run it at 800 for 16 weeks
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  14. TRT

    TRT Member

    Same here. 16 weeks.

    Anyone ever run both the oral version vs the injectable version?
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  15. Nela

    Nela Member

    Awesome mate I to love npp and I actually was thinking of runing it maybe with primo npp give me great strength and hits quick
  16. Nela

    Nela Member

    Yes I was thinking of 600mgs a week and tapering up from there with around 750 test e per week.
  17. Nela

    Nela Member

    Yes many have said 1g a week is the sweet spot but did you taper up from that or was it all bull s blazing into it:)
  18. Nela

    Nela Member

    Yes but is it better though hmmmm
  19. Nela

    Nela Member

    Have you ran it against masterone ...
    Did your body transform different as I hear looks wise gives u a more drier look ..
  20. Nela

    Nela Member

    I heard the oral version would you would have to take shiztloads and it's more weaker
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