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I'll start by saying this is my first time joining a forum as such or posting any type of blog that involves anabolics. That said, I am about to run this cycle in 2 months and would like some feedback for those who are advanced and know.
Age: 27 Height: 6'4" Weight: 225 LB BF:6%
Past Cycles: 2 Oral only cycles of anadrol 7 and 6 years ago, 1 oral only of dbol (dumb I know 5 years ago)
Test Prop/Winny 8 week cycle, test prop 10 week cycle 3 weeks of tren ace.

Proposed Cycle I would like to receive feedback on:

Dianoxly (dbol) wk 1-4 @ 50 mgDay
Test E wk 1-14 @ 250 mg Mon/Fri (might change to EOD since winny/primo EOD, 500 mg week total)
Primo wk 1-14 @ 200 mg EOD - 600 mg weekly total
Stanoxly Depot (inj winny) wk 7-12 @ 50 EOD
anavar oral wk 7-12 @ 60 mg ED
Ancillary/pct Pct
hcg 10,000 IU wk 4-12 @ 250 IU X 2 wk
HCG 10,000 IU Wk14-15 2500 IU 5 days (running HCG during, but also a blast afterward just in case
arimidex wk1-14 @ .5 mg ED
nolva wk 16-20 @ 40/40/20/20
clomid wk 16-20 150,100,(50 x 25 days)

This is my proposed cycle to put on some good size in the beginning, have the primo help with the aromataising estrogen effects of dbol/test (such as water weight), and finish off with clean lean gains and then harden up at the end.

Let me know your thoughts regarding my proposed cycle, dosages, etc. Pretty sure Ive got everything covered, but some feedback coudnt hurt. I also plan on logging my progress/gains for those who are curious.
its way to complex, simplify, 6 different compounds is way to much with your experience, injectable winny hurts like hell, no one uses that stuff anymore drink it.
this cycle is extremely toxic to your liver , you need to do more research


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I'm doing something similar to this as well but not quite... Yes it is complex but I could see much reasoning to it. I don't agree that it's that harsh on your liver.. Make sure you have support supps but with a 3 weeks break from Dbol to winny/var your liver will be fine. Yes you could simplify it but why. It's your cycle bro

Ps. I will call b.s. On the bf%.. Prove us wrong and post some pics


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It's just a detailed right up. It's not complicated.

2 orals Isn't the best. Might be 3 if you drink winny. That is the toxic part. To bad you didn't use EQ, instead of a oral.

Seems like more of a cut, except the DBOL.

Primo and Test is fine. I never ran Primo.


Doesn't sound complicated. I'd probably lower the Dbol or increase as you go. Push the second leg of orals 2 weeks and just pick one. Don't plan on the hcg blast pre-pct, really, really doubt you'd need it or a good idea. If you do need the blast then you had bunk or ran it too low during, but regardless don't plan on it, but if you need it go ahead.


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@ironwill1951 I count 5 compounds unless you include HCG in there.
In regards to liver toxicity, d-bol is harsh and the winny might be a little harsh as well, also anavar due to it being an oral. Therefore, I think I may take your advice and remove the winny and stick with anavar instead. I will also be running liver support throughout.
@AKphysique @Dema look at pics below and see if you still disagree. The 6% was rounded and using a pinch tester but it believe it to be pretty close
. IMG_3421.jpg
@jJjburton I think I will be removing the winny; anavar oral isn't too bad in regards to hepatotoxicity as I understand it.
@TheBeat I will forgoe the HCG blast, I received the same advice from someone else but wanted to reconfirm. Especially with all of the different recommendations of taking HCG during or after.

Thank you all for responding, if you have any additional advice please let me know.


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@AKphysique looks like you know what you're doing, why do you say if im 6% bf I dont know what im doing with this cycle?
Running a test e and dbol for size (some water retention) but primo to help with lean gains/water retention/great feeling, then anavar to get harder/more vascular. I want to gain while maintaining low bf and being lean. I was thinking this is a good cycle for clean lean gains, is that incorrect? I agree winny is overkill, plus its hard on my joints.

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