Primo, Var, and gh Cycle

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    I've been torn about whether or not to start a cycle log. I'm so busy and I'm worried that it won't be as detailed as the last one. I've decided to give it a go anyway. I have benefited tremendously from reading other women's logs. So here goes...

    PRIMO, Anavar, and hgh cycle

    Primo start date: December 28th
    50mg weekly split into two doses of 25mg Monday and Thursday
    Draw with a 23g and pin with 27g
    Pinning glutes. Tried quads and it was death. Glutes are painless. I heat the oil first and massage the shit out of my ass after.
    Plan to run 12 weeks

    Anavar start date: December 29th
    20mg daily split into 2 doses. I increased my dose faster this time, mainly because the damned pills are tiny as shit and a bitch to cut in half.
    Plan to run 4 to 8 weeks

    HGH start date: December 22nd
    1iu daily
    Plan to run 9 months-1 yr
    Might bump to 1.5 iu daily in a couple of weeks

    So far my sides are minimal.
    Skin isn't too oily. Nothing like my first anavar cycle. No pimples.
    Minimal water retention. No bloating.
    Sensitive lady parts with minimal swelling. Very nice. Libido is great!
    Increased thirst. Drinking 2 + gallons a day. Never feel like I can get enough water. Peeing every 5 mins.
    Hot flashes. Some chills. Just weird feeling.
    Headaches in the afternoon several times a week.
    Scratchy throat for the last 3 days but also sinus issues so I may be getting sick.
    Mood is out of control. No tolerance. Short fuse. I feel all out of whack.

    So far I definitely feel the strength increase from the var. I'm lifting heavier again. It's great. I'm looking forward to the primo kicking in. I'm undecided about how long I will run the var. Maybe just use as a kick start for the first 4 weeks or maybe run 8. We will see...

    My calories are around 2500 give or take.
    Macros are 40C, 30P, 30F Give or take
    I eat clean all week. Cheat meal on the weekend. Nothing too crazy.
    I'm feeling hungry a lot lately. I've kind of learned to listen to my body and eat when it says eat.

    Supplements I take:
    Pre workout
    L glutamine
    Fish oil
    Women’s daily multivitamin
    Benedryl at night to sleep
    Post workout protein shake
    Casein protein at night

    Goals are to gain as much lean muscle as possible. Eat to grow. Squat, Squat, Squat. Mission grow booty grow!! I'm training legs twice a week. Training for 1 1/2 hr a day. I feel like I could train for hours but I have to leave when childcare at the gym ends. I doubt I'll be posting my full workouts this time around. It just takes too much time to do that daily.

    My starting weight before beginning all of this was 121 lbs. Current weight as of this morning was 125.4 lbs. I failed to take before pics too.
    I will take some pics this weekend though and update throughout. I feel like I'm more lean than I was on var only cycle but that could have been because I was bloated as shit then and felt like a walrus. Anyway, there it is. Critique welcome...
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    Subbed!! Good luck with your cycle. Every woman I know that has run primo loved it and are always looking forward to running it again when they finish
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    Subbed as well. Let the gains begin!
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    Thanks guys! I’ve heard so much about how great primo is. I can’t wait for it to kick in.
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    Gonna run primo myself this next run. My buddy calls liquid gold :D
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    Like to hear more about your diet, and how you came up with the macros
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    Diet is good. I eat the same shit everyday. Oats, Greek yogurt, chicken, quinoa, turkey, eggs, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, etc...
    I ran my last cycle with macros a little different. Fats were lower before but I have a weakness for peanut butter and it def helps me hit my mark. I’ve always been a very small lady with a fast metabolism. I have a hard time gaining. Right now I’m eating around 2500 calories a day. Again, give or take. The scale is going up which is what I want to see.
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    Thanks Sadie, keep up the good work
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    My wife did primo for 6 weeks at 50 mg then we had to bail cuz it was getting to her voice. She's back to normal 6 weeks later. Monitor your voice if you care about what you sound like.
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    Uh oh! I’m not too worried about my voice so much. Just worried about other people hearing it and figuring me out, lol.
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    Well if your cool with that your results will be amazing!
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    I can’t wait!!!!!
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    Very similar to what my girl is about to run, except we'll do npp instead of primo since I know too many instances of hair loss with primo
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    Ahhhh! I ordered npp for my next cycle. I can’t wait to try it. Let me know how your wife does.
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    She ran it with gh before and made awesome gains. I think she put on a good 12lbs and stayed lean.

    She wasn't as pleasant to be around tho lol
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    Haha!! I’ll have to watch that. I’m not pleasant to be around now. 12lbs!! I love it!!
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    Good luck!
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    3 weeks into my var and primo cycle
    4 weeks into gh cycle
    Var 20mgs daily split in 2 doses
    Primo upped to 30 mg twice a week (Mon and Thur)
    GH 1iu daily

    Weight is fluctuating 125-127
    Strength is up! Endurance is up! I feel like I could workout for hours. My workouts last about 2 hrs now. Training 6 days a week.

    I feel great. Sides are as follows:
    oily skin (one pimple so far), increased thirst (drinking 2 gallons a day), retaining some water, libido is great, voice may be the slightest bit deeper (no one notices but me), boobs have disappeared (after this cycle, I plan to have breast augmentation), mood is better, energy is up

    Headaches are happening less. I still have hot flashes at times. I have been spotting which is weird. I mentioned in my last cycle log, I have an IUD and have not had a period in years. Spotting rarely happens either. On my last cycle I was having the same issue. I guess it's caused by fluctuations in my hormones? I know a lot of women stop having a period on cycle. I seem to start having one. Weird. Anyone with experience on cycling while using an IUD as birth control?

    I plan to add cardio in next week. I hate cardio but I'd like to lean out some. Photos to follow.

    I’ve upped my taurine and added potassium and magnesium to my supplements. Calorie intake around 2500.

    Today is leg day! Fuck to the yes!!!! Have a great day folks! I’ll update more soon.
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