Primo/var cycle with raise body heat and fatigue

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Wood4days, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Wood4days

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    Hey guys, maybe someone with years of experience can chime in.

    My stats:

    11% BF
    156 lbs
    I have 4 cycles under my belt.
    All 4 cycles are primo, test e, and var. however the last 2 cycles are different brands

    Current cycle:
    16 weeks

    Week 1-8
    Test E 500/week
    Primo 1000/week
    hcg 500/week
    adex .5 Monday and .5 Thursday

    Week 9-16
    Test E 750
    Primo 1000
    Var 50mg AM and 50mg PM
    HCG 500/week
    N2Guard 7 tabs a day split

    Currently on week 10

    So I’ve been noticing hunger during workouts and fatigue during the day. My body is also warm as if I’m almost catching a flu

    Can anyone with experience chime in?

    The first 3 cycles I didn’t have any issues. I’m guess maybe different brand for 4th cycle?

    Thanks bros
  2. Eman

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    You may be taking too much adex... Have you been ok on that dose before? Might be too much, try cutting in half.

    I get flu symptoms if I take too much adex.
  3. Wood4days

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    My first two cycle I took .5 EOD and with bloods it showed E2 at 44 my normal E2 is 25.

    Third cycle I didn’t take any adex because I thought I was good without it. Mid cycle E2 66 then my nipples started to get itchy and sore and I waited it out for another 2 weeks before deciding to pop nolvadex. Then symptoms went away. No more sore itchy nips.

    This cycle I’m taking .5 Monday and Thursday which is spaced out a little more than EOD.

    I’ve been on adex from week 1-8 no problem but then once I added var 100mg split into the cycle that’s when I noticed the warm body and fatigue tired feeling all day.
  4. Wood4days

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    You think it’s the var? Or should I cut my adex from .5mg to .250? And see how that goes?
  5. Wood4days

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    Forgot to mention that I placed two orders with dragon pharm and the first order all the vials have a red dragon inside and the liquid is light yellowish

    The second order the vials came without the red dragon picture inside and the liquid is clear not yellowish

    I also used the vial without the red dragon when I started the var

    Could it be that my second order I got fake primo?

    That’s why I’m getting all these sides?

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  6. Eman

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    If it's the var, you don't have real Anavar.

    It could also be fake primo and you're taking a lot of EQ or test...

    Get some bloods if you want to know for sure. You might also be coming down with a cold or something... Happens to me sometimes, I think it's something I'm taking until I realize it's a cold or a stomach bug. Never hurts to get bloods to check things though.
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  7. Rosconow

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    Sometimes masteron is substituted for primo. Thats been known to lower estrogen on its own. Just a thought.
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  8. Wood4days

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    Will do bloods and check my E2
  9. Wood4days

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    Think it’s fake primo. I got night sweats last night which never happens to me when on primo.
  10. Rosconow

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    tren is usually responsible for night sweats
  11. Wood4days

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    Yea I know. So are you thinking they put tren in place of the primo?