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  1. Jaxino

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    Hi guys I am new to the forum and to homebrewing....

    Anyone has a recipe for Primo200 was thinking to make it with EO and MCT oil...

    Anyone has a good EU seller for brewing goods? USP oils, filters, solvents...?
  2. Giveitago

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    I’ve done a few batches of primo e 200mg/ml with 20% B.B. and 1.5% ba. MCT oil only. Running it now and it’s as smooth as butter no crashing.
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  3. Jaxino

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    Great I will try this recipe... I have bought some raws from PPL curious to try them....
  4. Jaxino

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    Did you also try DHB?

    TestP/Sust/TestE Primo DHB HGH and few lines of Apidra is my favorite stack for offseason.

    So I was thinking to start brewing also DHB but in my country it's super hard to find EO and I have seen in the sticky post that we can put EO everywhere....