Primobolan Bayer 100mg / ml

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    I'm not sure of the authenticity ...

    Thanks :p
  2. lundgren

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    Tested with the labmax method and he's really Methenolone Enanthate inside. The vial have around 1.1 & 1.2 ml each. The pain are present during and after the injection.
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    It looks counterfeit
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    Would be possible to got more details please ? Thanks
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    Thanks a lot leafclover ;-)
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    Where those from naps? I bought a few amps for my wife and the labels looked so suspect, each was over 1ml. But it worked my wife had to drop them 4 weeks in cause 50mg week swelled her clit up so bad she could barely walk. Let's hope it wasn't dbol in there. Jk
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    I'm really sorry for your wife .... I hope he can recover its original size?
    Primobolan, Stanozolol, Anavar these products are widely used by women, I'll never understand how a seller can pass eg Primobolan with another product (knowing that there may have irreversible effects) I think it should not human being to do that!

    The box from the picture dont come from naps, but i have got this picture with the box from naps ( on the left without without the picture of the pregnant woman )

    In the second part you can see that the characters are not the same, this is the right box from Naps.
    Unfortunately, ihave not test in the old days the product from naps, but the recent box from btw (other seller) went positive with LabMax

    I hope this will help you a little bit ....
    Before using a product try to analyze, especially if it's for your wife.

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  9. lundgren

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    Lot of time, the primobolan is replaced by :
    - Nandrolone ( often decanoate ) in low dose
    - testosterone like enanthate or cypionate, in low dose
    - Boldenone undecylenate and increasingly, because it limits the side-effects in women

    I think you feel the same as me, if you buy Boldenone is for the Boldenone and if you pay (much more expensive) to get Primobolan is only for the Primobolan and no other.

    In addition, users often choose this product because it is very soft and it causes side effects may very (which may be dangerous for some people if it contains another substance than the Methenolone Enanthate)

  10. Derek

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    Now I'm having 2nd thoughts about running "primo"
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    Which one is from Naps, Lundgren?
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  12. Only way to know is mass spec drop the money I personally would never mess with primo way to expensive

    You will look better with tren and mast
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    Yes but not tested ! The another, batch 33016B 34017A 33016B come directly from Turkish, i'm not sure if it's the anthentic product. Checked with labMax and the result are positive with UV light incluted in the pack kit.
  14. lundgren

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    In the right ( with the logo of a pregnant woman ) is supposedly directly from a pharmacy in Turkey and in the left the box from NapsGear ( maybe 2/3 years ago )
    And in the second picture, with date of peremption it is the opposite, right are from naps and left from the supposed pharmacy in Turkey

  15. JuiceScientist

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    Both is real...
    Schering add the label (pregnant woman) in new boxes...
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  16. lundgren

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    Thanks for your helping !
    Yes i see that, but not easy to know if the product are real or not, i receive some primo from a good sponsor last time and it's faked, i post the picture soon.
    About this Primobolan i dont understand why my test level up a lot when i use only it.
  17. JuiceScientist

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    it's not usual if there's a real pick in blood testosterone levels...
    Do a labmax test if you are suspicious about.
    But if you feel testosterone-like effects they should be OK.

    I have tons of pirmobolan in hand from pharmacy. Diffirent batches. Both pictures are identical.

    But using primobolan alone, should suppress testosterone.. not kick..

    Its really weird.
  18. lundgren

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    Yes, normally the primo are not supressive but my natural test level must not rise like taking testosterone injection.
    Nice, your lucky if you have this directely from pharmacie ! How much do you use ? When i finish my cycle of nandrolone laurate, decanoate and phenylpropionate i use my last vial of primobolan dépôt bayer.
  19. JuiceScientist

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    Unfortunately i had bad prostate genes... So i don't use them anymore...
    But i got great results 600~800mg / week..
    I made a lot of cycles below 200-300 mg level at past. I beleive anything below 500 will be waste of that nice compound.
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    Hey !
    Sorry i missing your post ...
    Be careful with the Testo and AAS about your problem !
    I never used high dose, it's maybe why my test level dont shut down.
    Hope all is ok for you !