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  1. SALE...

    I am a private source, but this sale is open to everyone. Please read carefully everything. It's important.

    MINIMUM.....$180 comes with free shipping
    MINIMUM..... $90 will be $15 shipping

    Products & Pricing are what they are. Please don't ask for bulk discounts or discounts for testing. I had the raws tested and i've been around for a bit and am sure many can vouch for my products and integrity.

    IMPORTANT... Emailing for orders will be as follows.
    For orders put order in the heading. Place order add total and request bitcoin addy "ONLY BITCOIN ACCEPTED". I will send bitcoin addy. Please do not order if your not ready to pay.

    For payment please put "Payment" in the new header. Just erase old header and put payment. Same email chain, please. I'll need to be able to see your products ordered, your total, when you paid, etc. Also, in the payment email, please put shipping info. Please do not get creative and give fake names or use address of somewhere you don't live, etc. That's how people get in trouble.

    Please, no questions through email, don't ask for other products, no chit chat, etc. Just order and be direct. Not trying to be a jerk. Hopefully you can understand, i will be so very busy.

    What is sale and why, etc. The why, well, i will be making money. Not trying to deny that, but half of my profit i will be making due to the bitcoin bump that just occurred. Bitcoin jumped and i placed a bulk order for some products and I'm passing some of the profits back to the community.

    Right now this is whats available. I may add a few more products in the near future, but here is what i have. Once these are gone sale will end. A "while supplies last" thing. Thank you guys.

    PRIMOBOLAN ENANTHATE.....150mg/ml.
    Usually...... $65
    Sale price... $45
    3 00 available

    Anavar....50 capsules at 50mg per capsule.
    Usually...... $65
    Sale price... $45
    200 available

    ANAVAR.... 60ML at 30MG/ML
    Usually...... $65
    Sale price.. $45
    100 available

    Email addys


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  2. P.s.
    Only shipping within the US. Domestic.
  3. Thanos33

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    Bro that’s a good deal!!
    Legit source guys been using him for a while by far the best!!!
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  4. gotgrowth

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    Sent you a pm bud
  5. Tizzousa

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    Damn @StanfordPharma this is good shit. Looks like I’ll need to stock up for next cycle!
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  6. MiaRage22

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  7. Your email didn't say anything. Just post order and total and request bitcoin, please. Thank you.
  8. MiaRage22

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    My bad, check now..
  9. movingiron88

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  10. SpicyGains321

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    How many doses are in the Primo? 10?
  11. There is exactly 10ml so if your lucky you would get about 9 1ml doses accounting for any loss in the needle and such.
  12. Sorry, folks. Had to take my kiddo out. Answering emails now.
  13. MiaRage22

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    Normal people? lol......
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  14. Kamon

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    damnit, been trying to get ahold of stanford for a bit but i legit just ordered somewhere else, any chance of getting into your email list at some point bro if i put in a small order for anything outside of the sale?
  15. little

    little Member

    Why are these on sale?
  16. puckhog

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    As Stan stated above he made a nice little chunk of change when bitcoin boosted its value. So he is spreading the wealth to us here on meso. Sup ten btw.
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  17. UndefinedX

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    Excited to try the Anavar. I emailed and pm’d you 24 hours ago and I know your busy but for ease of mind if you could respond?
  18. rpbb

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    Why would that be any of your business or webby would you care
  19. penche

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    Damn this won’t last long. Been on these Var a week and it feels damn good pumps
  20. taco33150

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    This is gonna be a Black Friday deal !!! Better get it now or never