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    Thank you my man thank Yuit
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    Dragons blood sounds so interesting lol, do you guys use this as a replacement for pwo?
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    This is best used for fat burn and energy boost with fasted cardio.
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    I workout in the evening though... so would only use it for fasted cardio right?
  5. T-Bagger

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    You can use it any time for the energy boost but I wouldn’t use it say 4-6 hours before bedtime.
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    Yea I use it mostly on weekends and leg day. I don’t try to take it in the evening after
    I work then go to the gym.
    Don’t sleep well as it. So I won’t use it for late workouts
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    He is coming out with a new formula/dosage for dragons blood very soon. Excited to try it out
  8. Alright, just giving you guys an update. Looking at announcing the sale on sunday. I think everyone will be real pleased. If not I've got a donkey in the back that can offer you a hand. Announcement sunday and reopen monday or tuesday.
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    Nice, ty sir.
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    Just sent you an email Stan.
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    Just noticed this thread is old :(
  12. Stan just posted in this thread yesterday...
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  14. Wish i had a "this threads so old" joke, but I've got nothing.
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    Got me some extra test for the winter and my girl some Anavar. Couldn’t pass up a great sale like this. Been in the game about 7 yrs and never had great communication and TA like this dude!