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  1. Primus Ray Laboratories testosterone Propionate was determined to have an actual content of 138 mg/ml testosterone propionate compared to a label claim of 100 mg/ml.

    No microbiological contamination was detected.

    Steroid analytics courtesy of Primus Ray Laboratories Testosterone Propionate Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab

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  2. Blindly compensating by overdosing raws, i see. One would think that the bigger names in the game would be testing raws on a regular basis. Doesn't seem to be the case.

    That's not the point of the reply however.

    i've been seeing alot of testing going down in the last week and i have to say bravo, not only to the boss man Millard, but to everyone that throws in on the testing.

    Another great reason for me to learn Bitcoin.
    i definitely want to be one that helps this cause.
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    I'm going back to the liquor business for this comparison. If I wanted a whiskey business I would have to produce liquor and put it in casks and let it sit for years before it can be sold. Same goes for scotch, bourbon etc. That's a financial commitment.

    All the labs have to do is buy raws and have them tested. They can then dose very accurately and All is well. But that's too long of a wait, financially constraining blah blah blah.

    If a guy like me can get everything tested and make accurately dosed product they should be able to as well. My take away is they just DON'T CARE.
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    Ofcourse they dont. They just follow the money. They don't care about anything else
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