Prison officer caught smuggling into jail $385,000 of drugs in juice cartons

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    Prison officer caught smuggling into jail $385,000 of drugs in juice cartons

    A prison officer who was found smuggling crack cocaine, heroin and steroid tablets in fruit juice cartons has been jailed for nine years.

    Paul Heap, 43, was discovered carrying a bag containing two fruit juice cartons packed with drugs as he went into HMP Altcourse prison in Liverpool while on sick leave on 28 June last year.

    Officers found crack cocaine, heroin, cannabis and more than 2000 steroid tablets, a mobile phone, charger and two sim cards in his rucksack.

    Police said the drugs had an estimated value of more than $385,500 (£215,000).

    Judge David Aubrey QC said Heap had “cast a shadow” on his colleagues after 14 years working as a prison officer.

    “You had in effect changed sides,” Judge Aubrey said.

    “You had changed to the other, the dark side, having become involved in that evil trade of the supply of drugs within and to a prison, your prison.”

    “You were thereby corrupting and corroding the very environment and system that you were supposed to be safeguarding. Your offending was a grave breach of trust.”

    Sentencing the father of two, he said: “Your head is rightly bowed in shame and by your corrupt dealings you have also brought shame upon your family.”

    The court heard that a search of Heap’s car and house, in Hartley’s Village, Aintree, revealed more than $16,000 (£9,000) of cash which he initially claimed was savings.

    He pleaded guilty to seven charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply, three counts of conveying a prohibited article and one charge of possessing cash which was criminal property.

    Andrew McInnes, defending, said a psychiatric report showed Heap was suffering a “depressive episode” and had issues for many years after witnessing a prison suicide.

    He also said he had financial pressures, including paying the mortgage for the home where he lived with his parents.

    A financial investigation showed he had relied on credit cards and long and short-term loans to fund his lifestyle until December 2016.

    “It seems, unfortunately, the pressures of the job and pressures financially have led this defendant to accept a suggestion to become involved in this enterprise,” Mr McInnes said.

    In an interview with police, Heap said he had been put under pressure, although he had not been threatened directly, by a prisoner who he refused to name.

    Detective Chief Inspector Chris Mossop, head of the Titan prison corruption unit, said: “This sentence is a message to those prison staff who are considering taking contraband into prison.

    “Titan continues to set dismantling prison corruption as a priority and with staff dedicated to investigating prison staff suspected of being involved in the supply of drugs and contraband within prisons, if they are convicted they will be looking at similar lengths of sentence.”

    Prison officer caught smuggling into jail $385,000 of drugs in juice cartons
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    Yum steroid tablets
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    There have been these pity party stories of cops doing the same shit. "I couldn't pay the bills so I did this", sorry it's called go make more money in a different career or live within your means idiots
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    Apparently this guy didn't give his coworkers a cut of the goodies so no wonder he got busted :rolleyes:

    Same sort of shit happens in the prisons here in the USA.
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    Do you think musclehead320 is getting gear that way?
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    Who knows? May well be possible but it just takes one snitch to shut down that gravy train.
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    the entire decade i was locked up there was always a corrupt guard, the most we ever smuggled at once was 5lbs of pot and a couple jugs of creatine(lol)
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    Do guards demand sexual favors for the smuggling?

    Do you think somebody like @musclehead320 (who needs gear more than junkies need heroin) will agree?
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    I’m not sure about sexual favors, unless they like men. Mostly $$$ I reckon. However an old gay guy once told me that asshole has no gender
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    Just a couple questions out of curiosity:

    1 How much you think guards typically charge to get a smartphone+charger inside?

    2 Do inmates actually hide things up their ass?
    Some say the term prison-wallet comes from real life stories, and it's not made up in any way.
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    Not sure how much they charge for phones, cell phones weren’t even in existence yet when I was locked up.

    We always smuggled our goods thru the visiting room where mules would keister the packages in their rectum and Bring them back to the cell block. The mules were paid well, lol so the answer to your question, yes assholes were referred to as the bank or vault
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    I heard a cellphone is like $500-$1k. I think that's with your family supplying it. I never saw a phone the whole 2 years I was in prison, plenty of drugs though. I always heard rumors they had something to block or detect cellphones within the walls.
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