Prisoner hack prison from inside prison. Lol

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    Prisoners Hack Prison From Inside Prison - Darknet

    Some pretty resourceful guys managing to build 2 functional PCs from scrapped parts AND connect to the prison network AND try and hack their way out of the proxy.

    We are impressed by prisoners in the US who built two personal computers from parts, hid them behind a plywood board in the ceiling of a closet, and then connected those computers to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction’s (ODRC) network to engage in cyber shenanigans.

    Compliment are less forthcoming from the State of Ohio’s Office of the Inspector General, which published its 50-page report [PDF] into this incident yesterday, following a lengthy investigation.

    The Inspector General was alerted to the issue after ODRC’s IT team migrated the Marion Correctional Institution from Microsoft proxy servers to Websense. Shortly afterwards, on 3 July 2015, a Websense email alert reported to ODRC’s Operation Support Centre (OSC) that a computer operating on the network had exceeded a daily internet usage threshold. Further alerts, seven regarding “hacking” and 59 regarding “proxy avoidance”, reported that the user was committed to network mischief.

    From there the search for the miscreant began, and once the log-in credentials used were found to be illicit, the ODRC’s IT employees attempted to find the unauthorised computer by locating the network switch it was connected into.

    Judging from the way the scenario is described I’d assume (fairly safely) this is a low-security prison, probably THE lowest security AKA a white-collar prison.

    There’s no way these kind of shenanigans could happen in a high-security facility. Plus whoever pulled this off is definitely tech-savvy so most likely a white-collar criminal rather than a violent murderer.

    The computers were cobbled together from spare parts which prisoners had collected from Marion Correction Institution’s RET3, a programme that helped to rehabilitate prisoners by getting them to break down old PCs into component parts for recycling.

    Forensic analysis of the computers completed by the Ohio Inspector General revealed that the users exploited their access to the ODRC’s systems to issue passes for inmates to gain access to multiple areas within the institution. They also used the Departmental Offender Tracking System to steal the personal information of another inmate and use those details to successfully apply for five credit cards.

    Additional forensics by a more technical team reported finding “a large hacker’s toolkit with numerous malicious tools for possible attacks. These malicious tools included password-cracking tools, virtual private network tools (VPN), network enumeration tools, hand-crafted software, numerous proxy tools, and other software used for various types of malicious activity.”

    In addition to the above, the forensics team found “self-signed certificates, Pidgin chat accounts, Tor sites, Tor geo exit nodes, ether soft, virtual phone, pornography, videos, VideoLan, and other various software” in addition to evidence that malicious activity had been occurring within the ODRC inmate network.

    Some pretty advanced stuff going on there, delving into the darknet with Tor, self-signed SSL certs (probably trying to MiTM the proxy or something else on the network). Sounds like fun!

    Apparently the 5 perps have been identified and split up, funs over boys.

    Source: The Register

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    Wow, no wonder why this is happening. Letting inmates recycle computers means parts get secretly smuggled and that the only way to get a connection would be thru WiFi as ethernet cables would be conspicuous. A cellphone would be easier to hide though.

    A good reason to never let even low-security prison inmates near computers.

    Smart move by the department of corrections to use Websense...that's a darn good tool to detect mischief and to block certain sites.
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    And i here i thought i was special by making a tattoo gun out of the automatic air fresheners that spray every so often on a timer.....:(
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    I build computers. I feel sorry for the poor bastard who had to smuggle the motherboard and power supply up his ass to pull this off. :eek:
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    Or did this guy take the time to desolder every chip and connector off the board...and smuggle the board itself out. In a low security facility there might only be a cursory search done so a lot of small computer parts can be smuggled bit by bit.

    A power supply is also a pretty bulky thing to sneak out too.

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    Mindless they'd give you a game boy and you'd be happy for hours
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    LMAO I haven't really played with a gameboy since the mid 80s.

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    You weren't even alive in the mid eighties o_O
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    How did you play gameboy in the mid 80s when it came out in 89?

    Oh, you thought he said play gay boy....
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    I'm over 50 so been around for a good while :)
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    Crazy to me that you take so much flack Mindless and keep coming back for more. It just adds to the strangeness people seem to react to in you. Do you have trouble communicating with people in person and are drawn to these forums because of that or what? Seriously what's the deal
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    No nothing of that sort as it is just people who like to stir things up. My personal and work life is fine and I interact with people every day and no issues there. So many egos on the Internet these days and they really don't faze me.
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    Do you man. If there's anything I've learned it's that I have no business passing judgment on anyone. Just curious
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    No not at all, to answer your question and thanks for your concern.
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    Many low security prisons teach computer classes
    so inmates can at least get a (dull) data-entry job when they get out

    Data-entry or penis entry next time, you choose!