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    Hello everyone, we are Pristine Anabolics, and we are excited to begin offering our services to the Meso community. We are US domestic, and we're going to be offering oils and orals.

    I have been a member of Meso for almost 10 years, obviously under another username, which I will not be sharing for obvious reasons. I've seen pretty much every intro thread that's popped up in the underground, so I know what I'm in for here.

    I started homebrewing in 2007. Like a lot of guys, I was scammed a couple of times, fake omnas, underdosed garbage, and just outright thievery. I decided I would brew my own after a few of these experiences and I haven't looked back since. We started sourcing locally in 2010 and people liked our stuff quite a bit so we decided to source online at a darknet market a few years later when they started popping up. In retrospect, this was a mistake. We had a lot of financial issues with btc disappearing and escrow being cheated, so we didn't stick around very long. In our time there, we did compile enough customers to go private and do decent business that way. With referrals and word of mouth, business has been pretty decent, but we've decided we are at point where we are ready to ramp it up. So here we are.

    We are a relatively small operation with less than 5 guys/gals on the payroll, but we take great care in making our finished product, and we're confident this community will find see that in our products and service.

    Brewing Process

    All glassware, vials, beakers, and media bottles are first soaked in 91% alcohol for about an hour, then rinsed in distilled water and placed on pyrex in a dry heat sterilizer at 500 deg for 3 hours. The openings of all vials and media bottles are also covered in aluminum foil that's been wiped down and sterilized with dry heat. Stoppers are soaked in 50% alcohol for 30 minutes, rinsed in distilled water, and then placed in a pyrex dish in the dry heat for about 15 minutes to dry.

    Right now, we still use a bottle-top filter setup. With the ramp up in production, we have a peristaltic pump and some polycaps on the way for our next brew. Bottle tops are just too time consuming. The bottle-tops we use are nylon .22um filters. Once our oil is filtered, we inspect it, and if anything is off, we filter it again. We then use a pipette pump and disposable sterile pipettes to fill vials 10 at a time to limit the possibility of contaminates getting in our vials. Once again, this was painstaking on this last brew, so we have a bottle-top dispenser on the way as well. We then put the stopper and caps on, and label the vial.

    During the entire process, gloves, a hairnet and a hazmat style suit is worn.

    Orals are mixed using a geometric dilution process to ensure we get as close as possible to the intended dosage.

    For the sake of transparency:
    Up to this point, we have paid to use a small, private practice, dental facility to brew everything. This person is no longer comfortable with allowing us to do this if we source online, understandably so. We have secured a property, ordered an autoclave, and we will be building a DIY clean room (as close as we can get) for brewing and bottling. All future brews will take place in this facility.

    When orders are shipped, everything is vacuum sealed and wrapped to ensure no damage occurs in shipping. We use USPS Priority for all orders. Orders are always shipped within 2 days of payment, most of the time we get them shipped same/next day. TA is 2-5 from payment days for 98% of our orders. We have had orders take 7 days to land in the past. We do not provide tracking numbers unless an order has been in the wind for more than 7 days. This has never happened so it's not typically an issue. We never take orders for finished product we do not have on hand.

    We use VPN over TOR with TAILS. We only use encrypted email. We have one device dedicated to everything we do online and we destroy the hard drive and start over periodically. We will never store customer information. All information attached to orders is deleted when the pack lands. All other emails with questions and general talk are purged every 7 days. No information is ever stored anywhere.

    We have 2 raw suppliers, one we use for just about everything. We've had this same source for about 7 years. There is another provider we use if we need something very fast, he's domestic and very expensive, we very rarely utilize this supplier. We do not, and have never used PPL for raws. Our supplier does provide HPLC test reports and I could post those, but I know they won't mean too much here. I've done a ton of labmax tests over the years, but those don't carry too much weight either. We have mostly relied on our own cycles and our customers anecdotal reviews to gauge quality. My own bloods have always come back with great results. Now that we are going to be sourcing online, we plan on testing our products regularly and we will be providing store credit for testing and bloods as well.

    Store Credit
    The first 5 customers to post uncapped bloods (Following typical protocol outlined in the Meso sticky) will receive $250 in store credit, and $150 for every customer after that. Customers who send in oils/orals for analytical testing will receive $250 in store credit + replacement product.

    Minimum - $100
    *Shipping - $10
    *Carrier is Safflower Oil
    *All products on the current list only have BA/BB. Ratios differ depending on the compound. No EO or guiacol
    * Oral filler is protein powder
    * Capsule size 0

    10mL Vials
    Test E 250 - $30
    Test C 250 - $30
    Test P 100 - $20
    tren A 100 - $35
    Tren E 200 - $45
    Mast P 100 - $35
    Mast E 200 - $45 (Currently out of Stock)
    Deca 250 - $35
    NPP 100 - $30
    EQ 300 - $35

    30 Count Orals
    Dbol 25mg - $25
    Drol 25mg - $25
    Winny 25mg - $25
    Var 25mg - $30
    Lady Var 5mg - $25 (50 Count)
    tadalafil 10mg - $20
    sildenafil - 25mg - $20
    nolva - 25mg - $20


    Tuta to Tuta, Proton to Proton is strongly preferred, we will ignore and delete emails from non-encrypted sources

    Bitcoin (BTC)
    Litecoin (LTC)
    *More alt coin options will be added soon

    Until further notice, all orders will receive a free oral of their choice. Just let us know you are from Meso, and which oral you want.


    In closing, I just want to say that Meso has been a huge help to me in reaching my bodybuilding goals over the years. I'm not just blowing smoke when I say I have concern for the safety of all of the members here. We want to provide a product that is not only effective, but as safe as possible, and we truly do not take that responsibility lightly. I know it's not Friday, my sincere apologies. Let the roasting begin! I'll be here or on email to address any questions or concerns.
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    Took four days to approve my thread for some reason. Just bumping to get off of page 2.
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    Well alright then.
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    So you have been producing steroids for ten years, but are still using a pipette to dispense oil? Only now you have decided to go for a bottle top dispenser?

    Your story sounds like your first rodeo... there are other inconsistencies but I am on a beach with a corona and really should be off my phone
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    Definitely not my first rodeo. I've brewed with a high volume setup in the past when I was doing more business. Got rid of my whole setup a couple of years ago, haven't been brewing big enough batches to really make it a necessity until recently. Pipettes aren't all that bad for a few hundred vials at a time.
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    Where else are you sourcing?

    And are you sourcing locally still?
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    At the moment, we are only taking orders from private clients that we've been serving for years. We are not on any other boards at the moment, but we haven't ruled out that possibility in the future. We're focused on building gradually as not to be overwhelmed by volume.

    We haven't sourced locally in several years. Sourcing online and locally is very risky for OPSEC IMO.
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    But you source locally still as you have just admitted in the first sentence.

    Don’t tip toe around the answer.
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    No bro, when I say private clients, I mean clients through email. We've got a few dozen clients that we held on to from sourcing online a few years ago. That is the only sourcing we do at the moment.
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    Are any of them from Meso?
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    Not that I'm aware of. I've had PM and OLM come up in some conversations, but never Meso. If there are any clients that have tried my gear here, I would certainly appreciate if they'd post some feedback.
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    How come no pictures of your dry heat sterilizer with Meso tag?

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    If you've been here for 10 years you know not disclosing your other handle ain't gonna fly buddy
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    That's part of the reason the brewing arrangement we have had in place fell through. The person letting us use their facility is absolutely against me posting pictures from their office. I understand the hesitancy, but I also understand that it would create a roadblock here. My assumption was that I wouldn't be getting orders until I post pics of our new setup anyway, which will include an autoclave.

    Yes, I knew this would be an issue. My handle on meso is part of my college id, easily linked to me for anyone looking hard enough. I don't feel safe divulging it. I'm not a well known member anyway, mostly a lurker.
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    I get it but this is going to be an issue for you regardless of your reason. Also i don't think you've been around here for awhile seeing as how you're still making the reference to "well known members"....
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    So why did you post before you were all set to go? Seems like a pretty rookie mistake for a member of 10 years...
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    All I mean is my handle wouldn't get me any cred here. Nobody really knows me. I've been a member on almost every board you can think of for 8-15 years, and I may have 50 posts between all of them. I like to soak up info and keep a low profile.

    That's a fair question. The honest answer is that we feel we are ready to go. We have plenty of stock on hand. Our vials and stoppers have been thoroughly sanitized, our oils have been properly filtered in as sterile an environment as a UGL is going to provide, and our gear speaks for itself. Now, us knowing that, and you guys believing that are two different things, clearly. I suppose the hope is that most of the vetting process is complete by the time our next brew happens, and you guys would feel more comfortable placing orders. We're confident that once packs start landing, and people start pinning, everyone will see our product is legit and we'll start building a solid reputation.
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    I don't blame for avoiding the name. I wouldnt not even bring it up. If someone says they aren't a member who will know their lying?
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    So your stock on hand has been sanitized in another lab so we just take your word on it that it is all sterile "Our vials and stoppers have been thoroughly sanitized" by a clave we can't see,

    And you say your assumption is that you "wouldn't be getting orders until I post pics of our new setup anyway"

    So what exactly is the plan?

    No sales until you post the new set up -- meaning you aren't in fact ready -- or sell current inventory (without posting pictures of sterilization equipment) build up enough sales and then buy a setup of your own and post pictures.

    I'm very confused by your plan here or what exactly you are doing.

    Is any of that wrong or do I understand correctly?
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    Why does Trenity sound so much like @Trinity ? Hmmmm....coincidences are strong in this one.