Pristine Anabolics Test Cyp 5 1/2 Week Blood Work

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  1. I got these bloods cuz I couldn't dial in my E2 with my aromasin. So don't bug me about my e2, it has been corrected since. I was sick with a cold as well so that explains my WBC. Anyways, here ya go guys. Am Running about 650 mg of pristine anabolics test cyp a week. I pinned 48 hours b4.

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  2. @Dr JIM the numbers of my wbc and absolute neutrophils are high. Do these figures just represent an simple infection such as cold? Or is this something to be alarmed about?
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    Probably, esp if you feel fine.

    When running aromatizable AAS, such as TT, a “high” E-2 should be EXPECTED and only treated with anti estrogens in the presence of symptoms.

    IME dialing in an “in range” number is like treating your high WBC count w antibiotics, and as such is NOT evidenced based.

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    Nice! Can't ask for better testosterone levels and like DrJim said, pair your estradiol value with your symptoms (if any) before overdoing AI.
    Treat the patient, not the lab as they say in the medical community.
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  6. I like this so much. To finally have people backing up my theory... I feel like complete shit when my estradiol is below the high forties. And I always thought that your E2 threshold goes up when your TT levels are higher so the ratio of T:E is a more logical way of finding your sweet spot.
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    I feel it's best when it comes to E2 and TT levels, you have to look at how you feel.
    When you bump your test levels to 5 times the normal, I would think it's okay that your E2 is slightly higher than the "normal" range.
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    I obtain baseline values on all TRT patients and folk who are cycling AAS but I do NOT concern myself with PRL, estrogen or progesterone levels in the absence of reproducible symptoms.

    The latter includes objective features such as gynecomastia, excessive third spacing (bloat), HTN or an above range HCT.

    ED, depression. anxiety ext and other psychogenic complaints have far to many causes and as such are far to complicated to be pinned on a single hormonal source, especially E-2.

    To many folk chase E-2 and only create more problems in the process of dialing in an "in range value".

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  9. Have you ever heard of people that are extremely sensitive to Ai's. I only need a quarter of the recommended dose for E2 control, anything more and I feel crashed.. lol Idk
  10. Looks like a comprehensive test. Which one was it from where and how much did it cost, if you don’t mind me asking?