Pristine labs testing results

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    Thanks for testing!
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    Thanks for the contribution brotha
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    Always enjoy seeing testing on MESO
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    Ty for testing.
  5. 20181028_215324.jpg 20181028_215324.jpg 20181028_215043.jpg 20181028_215035.jpg Screenshot_20181127-061036_Gallery.jpg 20181028_214116.jpg 20181028_214122.jpg 20181028_214447.jpg Screenshot_20181127-060831_Gallery.jpg

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    Early Christmas thanks
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    Lol, he shouldn’t have to buy gear for a long time with all the credits he’s received.
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  11. Savagesteve

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    So H was supposed to be test cyp and was tren e and dhb? Did I read that correctly?
  12. No h was supposed to be dhb only
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  13. His labels say 1-test cyp for dhb
  14. RCCP

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    1-testerlone cyp. Not Test Cyp
  15. Savagesteve

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    Okay thanks. I couldn’t tell. Still doesn’t explain the tren though
  16. wtf!!!! Why is there tren in the dub?