Privacy: The Big Change Coming on New Year’s Day

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    Google flagged me this morning on privacy settings. I was surprised/taken aback at the extent of the information sharing.

    The Big Change Coming to Just About Every Website on New Year’s Day
    The Big Change Coming to Just About Every Website on New Year’s Day

    Starting New Year’s Day, you may notice a small but momentous change to the websites you visit: a button or link, probably at the bottom of the page, reading “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.”

    The change is one of many going into effect Jan. 1, 2020, thanks to a sweeping new data privacy law known as the California Consumer Privacy Act. The California law essentially empowers consumers to access the personal data that companies have collected on them, to demand that it be deleted, and to prevent it from being sold to third parties. Since it’s a lot more work to create a separate infrastructure just for California residents to opt out of the data collection industry, these requirements will transform the internet for everyone.

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    We do need a law like this at the federal level as way too many companies sell the info they collect from customers. A law like the GDPR in the EU will do well here in the USA.