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    can someone please for the love of Christ - show me how to send other members a private message, ever since the board changed im fucking lost. I don't want to post shit on someones profile, just a private message. Feel free to pile on, im pretty embarrassed to even ask in the first place...
  2. Click on the person you want to send a PM to name ... On the drop down click start a conversation.
  3. Click on their name and when their user profile window pops up, there should be an option called 'Start a Conversation'. Click that one. Conversations are PM, you can access them by clicking on the Inbox button near the Alerts button.
  4. Or click on your screen name ... Click on start a conversation... Type in the person you would like to conversate with name... Select it ... Type in the subject line your topic ... Type your message in the text box ..
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    Thank you
  6. Welcome ...
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    Click the inbox, it will take you to a page where you can start a conversation". On that page you'll see a red box "start a new conversation". pretty easy from that point on.