Professional Muscle and Anasci hit by hacker/extortionist

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    Member SBC had started a thread and then posted what sounded like some sort of retraction. From what I'm told he had it right. I'm also told that SBC's acct wasn't compromised.
    The following was posted by geogroup over at anabolicboard.........

    Well, this is just what I heard from what I consider the most reliable source for this kind of info...and he's right here at ab with us. I asked him if I could re-post and I was given the green light soooooo...........

    Hacker Hits ProMuscle and Anasci Forums..



    I have hacked your forum ProfessionalMuscle. Made a copy of your files/database and then proceeded to delete everything.

    Your password was: xxxxxxxxxx

    If you want to keep this quiet and get everything back then you need to pay 1.63BTC (15.000USD) here:

    With a backup you only need to pay 7.500USD.

    If not I will simply proceed to post every private message and user/password to the Internet and then send everything to WADA and other authorities.

    I never ask for money twice. This is a single time transaction, I will tell you your security errors after you pay so you can be safe. Best regards

    BIG As Response..

    On B A <> wrote:

    This is the first time that I am replying to you because if you do post publically anything below, it will be quicker confirmation of your identity. Not that it will matter anyway, as all this will be over and done by then.

    You think you hit the jackpot due to a human error that fucked up the server's security. But it is actually comical how your total level of ignorance regarding this, has got you in major deep shit.

    PM was originally a hobby. But gradually over the years it became a joint venture between an entity with a financial interest in it and Interpol with the various local departments, such as the DEA in the US.

    The financial interest for the first entity is obvious. For LE, PM acts as a hub from where they can monitor all (or most) source activity. They don't have to do various investigations or complicated operations to look into one or two sources. With PM, they have all the sources in one spot.

    So PM is very important to LE and they protect it vigorously. Why do you think that PM is hosted in the US, and has been for almost 20 years, yet it has never been taken down? And when you contacted the host about PM being a site for illegal activities, you were told to fuck off and come back with a court order?

    Here's the paradox though. Even though PM has been named numerous times in newspapers across the world and even in DEA seminars, the sources on PM are safe. Why? Because LE doesn't want to make it obvious that they are monitoring it, so they never bust sources that are on PM, because of their PM activities, only fringe sources that do not have a PM presence. Even PM sources that were busted due to unrelated activities, in their indictments, PM is not mentioned.

    Why do you think that is? Because LE is very protective of PM. And now, YOU fucked with it. As I said, your stupidity to fuck with it, is comical.

    And it gets better! You have no idea about what is TRULY going on. WADA? Sure, some of the low level workers might be on a crusade against steroids, blah, blah. But I burst out laughing when you mentioned it because, as coincidence would have it, I had a weekend away with some of the WADA senior officials just last weekend. And today you threaten me with them?? LOL
    In my various dealings around the world, I address parliaments and I give prime ministers rides in my Lamborghinis.

    ATO? PM represents less than 1% of my income. Yes, I'll really be worried about the ATO finding out about THAT! And anyway, they know about it.

    And here I have little you trying to black mail me for a few thousand dollars? This shit is truly funny. You truly think that I am some low level player that would get hurt by a bottom feeder like you??

    Sure, you've impersonated me, and you've done other stupid shit. All that was just like an annoying fly. I'm a numbers man, and this time you made a fatal mistake. You asked for more money than your life is worth. It only costs $10k to eliminate you.

    Bitcoin is NOT private as it's made out to be. I have finally given all the BTC addresses I have of yours to LE (I never bothered before) a few hours ago. They are actively locating your identity as we speak. As soon as your identity is confirmed (remember, you do have to cash out somehow), things will be actioned. I just hope that you didn't use some poor schmuck to do the BTC for you as he/she will be paying for your actions.

    Please contact the local authorities to tell them that your life has been threatened, just so you can see how quickly their "investigation" will halt as soon as it goes to the higher ups. Please! BTW, it does not matter what country you are in (if you are travelling right now) as Interpol is the overseer of PM and they will do anything to keep it up and running.

    As the day went on, I got busy and forgot about you, especially as my techs were restoring the site. But then your constant fucking with it, strengthened my resolve to get rid of you.
    Actually, to tell you the truth, I enjoyed writing this email over a glass of wine. It is strangely satisfying!

    Enjoy the time you have left (I guess until the end of next week, maybe?). I will make sure that photos will be posted afterwards so everyone can see how badly you fucked up and how you got your just rewards.

    Enjoy yourself!
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    Old news, PM is back up.
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    New software, so Tapatalk is not Applicable
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    So is PM owner coming out amd saying he himself is a rat? That's just some weird ass shit right there.
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    I just read Big A response. How can what he says about LE protecting PM be true?
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    I'm not touching that one..... Big A makes lift350 at Meso look like a Pussy
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    Not sure what his size has to do with anything. I'm just going off what looks like he's saying he works with LE. Am i reading that wrong?
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    No, that's exactly what he's saying. Not just le, but interpol, dea, etc. Sounds like he's full of crap and just trying to scare the extortionist away.

    I wonder if anyone knows if what he's saying is true? @biggerben69 , can you verify if LE works with PM?
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    Did you see where I stated that the info was posted previously but then taken back? I thought that what was contained in that post was interesting enough that it was worth being able access it in its entirety.
    Do you object to the info, the timing of the post with the info, or the member posting it? You still on the fence where I'm concerned?
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    Nothing to do with size at all Brother, it's never about size
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    I wonder if u know if what big A is saying is true about working with le, ,interpol, dea
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    The original post was made on a private board that geo and I are members of. The OP is staff at a number of solid boards...promuscle is not one of those boards. I trust that member perhaps more than anyone online or in rl at the moment. Good friend all around and an insider if ever there was one as far as what's going on with the online Community. If he believes its authentic then I do as well.
    There's a meso member goes by @rAJJIN is a mod at promuscle. He and I have never been on good terms and I don't trust him but we could ask him what the official stance is? Gotta be busy over there but perhaps he'd pop in and toss an insult or 2 my way?
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    That's what she said...and she's a liar.
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    He last logged in back in 2013, doubt to see him come Post after not being on the site since then. I would think they would want to keep that info private if actually true. But who really knows...
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    Can't believe its been that long. He and I were exchanging pleasantries in a thread here that Millard and some others were apart of. Good times.
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    Tapatalk isn't secure.
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    So you share a handle with another member? That's kinda weird don't you think?
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    First time seeing this, I’m I being pathetic if I said wow?
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    Nah. What I really don't know if it's TRUE, or if big A made it all up to scare the guy away. Don't think anyone will ever know. PM is a strict board, found out new members can get banned for attempting to reach 50 posts too quick.
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