Program for my first blast... Help Please

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  1. I am starting my first 12 to 13 week blast and am looking for a program to start from week 4.

    Any advice on a great proven program?

    I have the following equipment available:
    Power Rack
    Adjustable Bench
    Olympic bar
    Hex bar
    Tricep bar
    Dumbbells up to 90lbs
    Chin up bar

    I am 6ft, 195lbs and approx 18% BF.
    My current lifts (lbs)



    Wide Grip Chin Ups:
    Body weight + 65lbs X 6

    My goal is to put on size and strength with minimal gain in body fat.

    Blast is 400mg Test, possibly with 50mg Anavar for the last 5 weeks.
    Thank you!
  2. Silentlemon1011

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    bodybuilding I assume?

    I'm a big fan of John Meadows Creeping Death.

    Wonderful program, almost like it was designed for enhanced athletes

    Basically a Push/Pull/Legs program with some strength and accessory work.
  3. Thanks @Silentlemon1011

    Any link to the program? I really want to maximise my first blast.
  4. Oldschool

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    Damn! You gave up on Greyskull?:oops:;)
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  5. Greyskull?
  6. Silentlemon1011

    Silentlemon1011 Member Supporter

    Running a modified Greyskull right now.
    The PL program (The PL crew modified it a bit)

    Working really well actually, making some serious strength gains.

    But I'll run Creeping Death on my cruise to get some nice size gains.

    Love the Greyskull
  7. Link to the program?
  8. Silentlemon1011

    Silentlemon1011 Member Supporter

    John Meadows website.
    I'm not going to do a very simple Google search and link for you.

    See above.
    Use Google.
    You have the name of the program.
  9. Btcowboy

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    Second creeping death , loved it
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  10. @Btcowboy did you pay $199 for it? That seems like a huge amount for a program
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  11. Btcowboy

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    Nope search through google and or the training threads in here and you will find it
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  12. Fryguy

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    Also Russwole is an awesome program. I was on the 6th week and had to drop it due to gym closures. Anonfile + program name is a good place to start searches.
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  13. @Fruguy Anonfile is the bomb!!!!

    Thank you all!

    I researched Creeping Death 1 and 2, Greyskull and Russwole.

    All of them require equipment I do not have access to at present. I have a power rack, Olympic bar, chin up bar, hex bar tricep bar and dumbbells up to 90lbs, but I have no access to machines or cables.

    Any other juicy programs ideal for a first blast?
  14. Btcowboy

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    How much weight in Plates?
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  15. @Btcowboy I went overboard when I bought the plates. I remember thinking to myself, If I can ever lift all of these I deserve a new set

    20kg (45lbs) x 10
    10kg x 4
    5kg x 4
    2.5kg x 2
    1.25kg x 2
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  16. Btcowboy

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    Nice since all this shit went south I been looking at setting up at home and everything is sold out, you like you got enough for me lol...

    As for machine or cable work with those programs you could substitute cable and machine work with DBs to get as close as possible. Another option switch to a strength focused program. One thats good for both hypertrophy and strength was PHAT. I am powerlifting these days and just started Sheiko a few weeks ago and love the volume of it.
  17. Oldschool

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    Just switch out exercises but keep the body parts the same as the routine calls for.

    For example instead of triceps push downs do skull crushers. Or dumbell triceps extensions. Or tricep kickbacks. Etc. Etc.
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  18. Test_Subject

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    I've basically stopped following a program altogether. I just do the body parts that I'm supposed to hit that day until I feel like they're going to fall off or explode and call it a day.


    Day off then repeat
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