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    GeaR_and_SauCe Junior Member

    I haven't done any juice for over 3 months now. I took hcg for a total of 3 weeks and used the pct program reccomended in anabolics 2005. I took both nolvadex and clomid and am currently still taking both. I must say that this has been the fastest I have ever recovered and I feel great. I didn't lose any real weight, my balls are plump, and my sex drive is back on track. I think taking nolvadex and clomid together for PCT makes all the difference. I've done pct with just hcg and clomid and with just hcg and nolvadex but I have never done so well. I say, from experience, that the best PCT includes all 3: HCG, Clomid, and nolvadex. I will never do pct any less again. Thanks.

    My pct looked like this:
    Waited for all half-lifes to clear
    5000iu HCG day 1, 2500iu day 5, 2500iu day 10, 2500iu day 15, 2500iu day 20, 1250iu day 25.

    200mg clomid on day 1, 100miligrams for the next two weeks and 50mg a day still on

    40mg/day nolvadex for week 1, 20mg a day for weeks 2-4, 10mgs a day still on

    I also must say that I believe I paid like less than $70 for all the supplies needed. It was definitly worth it.
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    hedztrong! Junior Member

    HI gear! Congratulations on ur pct? May i know what was your cycle? Is it also applicable to somebody only using test E 500mg/week for 10 weeks? Thanks!
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    andysutils Member

    OMFg lol holy shit, your avatr, the garbage pail kids, wow which one is it? russel muscle or brett sweat LMAO.
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    I'm glad you posted this, you just answered one of my questions about a good/successful pct.
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    andysutils Member

    brill post dude, i love stuff like this that everyone can make use of.
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Good feedback on your pct! That is awesome it is working out well for you.

    Congrats bro.
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    dennis Member

    OK..I am a little foggy on exactly what days you took the hcg on ????Did you take any hcg during cycle or during time you waited on esthers to clear.Did you take hcg the same time you took clomid/nolva?????
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    jmills Member

    Thanks for the post...your pct looks very much like the one I'm planning it's nice to see it working for you. The one thing I'm kind of unsure of is this: Since I have been running hcg throughout my cycle (1st time I've done this) I'm curious how to administer the HCG post cycle.

    So, like Dennis I'm curious if you ran HCG thru your cycle or just at the end?
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    dennis Member

    Yes..and i never take hcg after i have started nolva/clomid......
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    Lizard King

    Lizard King Member

    jmills and dennis - how are you taking the hcg during your cycle? Is it 500iu per week after the 3rd week or do you do something different? I have never done it during a cycle but plan on running tren my next cycle and get bad atrophy which I would like to avoid. Thanks
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    TheBeat Member

    Why would you wait for all of the AAS to clear before starting hcg when HCG is going to be suppressive in itself? Glad it worked for you, but the HCG should be started earlier for everyone else as it is in a sense extending the cycle, or at least the suppression. I always recommend taking HCG during the cycle or if for 3 weeks, the 3 weeks while the exogenous test is tapering off before TRUE pct can start.

    Thanks for sharing some real world experience and how it worked for you.
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    jmills Member the past I've always started hcg immediately within a few days of the last shot...and I have used aromasin at this time to start taking care of the excess estrogen caused by hcg and other things.
    lizard king...I started taking hcg at week 4 at 1250 iu per week (5000 iu devided by 4)...then switched to twice weekly shots with 1/2 that amount (still 5000 iu per month cus that's the way it was packaged). dennis convinced me it would be better to take less at each pin, and I deferred to his greater knowledge. this is the first time using HCG during cycle and its worked out great so far...I anticipate a smoother pct, but just the psychologicol boost of not having shrinkage has been worth it to me so far.
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    TheBeat Member

    I personally run 400iu twice a week during and add more days if I notice my nuts are wanting to hiberate. No need to ever run it PCT if you run it during - during and/or PRE-PCT is the way to do it.

    Make sure that you run it to the end, but make sure to stop before you are trying to regain endogenous testosterone production as HCG is going to be suppressive to that actual goal:
    If running a 10 week long-estered cycle, I would run the Hcg through week 12 and start your true pct at week 13.
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    TheBeat Member

    I must ad that I guess running hcg after exogenous levels wane would be somewhat of a taper while endogenous levels start to raise, I'm not against tapering by any means, so while it would slow endogenous recovery, it might allow for a smoother transition just as a proper taper would?
    Maybe the Hcg should be ran in with the pct as Gear suggests? I'm still a proponent of maintaining size/function during a cycle and of using smaller doses than the standard PCT would dictate: by running it during and into the pct, one could still use small doses and still get the taper/raised testosterone level effects. So a 10 week cycle (with a 6 week pct), one might run HCG at under 1000iu/week/divided into week 15 or so with pct at weeks 13-18 so that pct is ran 3 weeks past the hcg and the hcg is ran past the exogenous testosterone. This seems like it might be the ideal way, especially with longer/more suppressive cycles: maintaining size/function during as well as using it as a bit of a taper to support libido and mantenance while endogenous level raise?
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    Inja Junior Member

    I love it when an old post suddenly makes its way back as a new thread...:)
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    dennis Member

    I will use hcg every cycle starting about week 3-5...500-750 ius once per week.after last shot of test during 2 week waiting period before pct starts I will use 500-750 ius eod and stop the day I start my nolva.Solo has a really good tried and true method he uses ,I think he basically doubles the dose I take and he might add proviron to the mix.
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    solo47 Member

    The Old Man of the North speaks:

    HCG (during a fairly heavy cycle with over 500mg/wk Test & tren):

    500iu HCG each fourth day during cycle (more if the boys hurt or feel belittled)
    About a week after last regular shot (so it's exactly 10 days before Nolva-clomid begins on day 18), I do 1000mgs HCG ED for 10 days. Rousing!
    Continue with adex until real PCT begins (Nolva-Clomid). Proviron throughout & beyond.
    A swallow of anavar or a shot of Test Prop I allow myself EOD early on in there (if there are competitive or sexual reasons to do so), but I really think they should be avoided once intense HCG use begins.
    Clomid is no fun. I use it only for the first week of PCT.

    I can't believe how well I'm doing in my current PCT, despite being too busy to hit the gym more than twice a week. Still vascular & hard. Get stiff if I don't go back to the gym, so on I must go. Sex life is still active, gasms still intense, though I note they are harder to reach.

    600 Test E + EQ in June!

    Stay cool, bros.:cool:

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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    It seems to be laid out plain and clear to me, so I'll take a whack at answering since he's not around.

    You said:"OK..I am a little foggy on exactly what days you took the hcg on ???"

    He said: Waited for all half-life's to clear then,
    5000iu HCG day 1, 2500iu day 5, 2500iu day 10, 2500iu day 15, 2500iu day 20, 1250iu day 25.

    Days: 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 Not during the cycle.

    You said:"Did you take hcg the same time you took clomid/nolva?????"

    He said: 200mg clomid on day 1, 100miligrams for the next two weeks and 50mg a day still on
    40mg/day nolvadex for week 1, 20mg a day for weeks 2-4, 10mgs a day still on

    Yes he took hcg at the same time as clomid/nolva.

    He Said: pct includes all 3: HCG, Clomid, and nolvadex. (last paragraph)
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    dennis Member

    Wow Role ! Thanks for the clarity.His pct method still seems foriegn to me.
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    role model

    role model Junior Member

    Foreign meaning you never heard of it done that way before.
    Me either, thats why I can't wait to try it because I never had a good PCT in my life.
    Hopefully this will work well for me.

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