Proper Programs VS Training By Feel/Brosplit ???

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by one5onecc, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. one5onecc

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    Every big guy I have ever seen in my gym or on a log on a forum is insanely strong.

    Repping 315 bench, 500lb+ deadlift, overhead pressing 200lb etc.

    So should we all be following proven, structured, periodized training programs that have strength as the top priority? (531, texas method, sheiko, smolov jr etc)

    I've seen small guys hit 225 on the bench for a triple or deadlift 405 for double. But pretty much every time I see someone rep out 315 for 5+reps, they are probably the biggest guy in the gym at that time.

    Currently torn between following a proper program with percentages and just going in and doing push pull and progressing when I hit rep goals.

    P.S None of this applies to those who blast 3g+ anabolics +hgh & slin. They seem to do very well on the phil heath fluff and pump style workouts lol.
  2. iGone

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    I'm curious what exactly you're asking...

    Are you asking opinions on going in and doing your own type of PPL with weights you make up as you go and progress at your own speed VS a linear progression program with everything spelled out for you?
  3. LeoTC

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    Always better of having a plan when you go in. Then all you have to worry about is execution.
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  4. Endure

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    Agree it's better to have a plan going in. You don't have to follow a "program" though. You can put what works best for you as everyone is different or create hybrids of programs taking the best from several and tailoring to your goals.
  5. Perrin Aybara

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    Are you wanting to do bodybuilding or powerlifting? I can only speak for my experience with powerlifting, but following a proper program makes all the difference. I managed to stumble my way to a 315lb bench and 500lb deadlift going by feel, but a 405lb bench and 700lb deadlift took years of structured programming. Unless you have great genetics you probably won't get insanely strong without proper programming. It's a bit more complex than just adding weight or reps.

    I also disagree about all big guys being insanely strong, but I guess that would depend on your definition of insanely strong.
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  6. Test_Subject

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    Without a structured program, how are you going to track your progress?

    You obviously don't need to follow a premade program, but your results will be a lot better with some sort of periodization and some form of progressive overload or peaking goal.
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