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    I am considering my first cycle but I'm clueless as to how to obtain and I'm sure there's a correct way to go about it not just hey who can hook me up? And so far the whole bitcoin and everything that goes into it is beyond me.
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    Some guys love bitcoin but Im lost too so I dont fuck with people who deal in it. Think of Meso as a place to review a potential source, for instance naps has a thread that people share experiences on.

    Its a hit or miss game and you can choose domestic or international. Just do your research and find something you like then ask about them. Welcome to the game.
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  3. Fuck BitCoin.

    Gear4Sissy is the only way.
  4. Leanmeatball

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    I am not sure if you are wondering how to confront someone in person or just how to order gear online? Either way, your best bet would be to spend a little time in the underground and lab testing sections here until you find a source that's solid.

    P.s. Don't trust any of the PM's I am sure you will get for posting this either.
  5. What up dude! Not sure if you did this yet but, if you go to the new member introduction forum and introduce yourself that would totes help you out. Ya know, your age, stats, plans for your cycle ect ect. It mite get kinda gnarly but it's all good. Meso is a ruff bunch but really are some good guys here. Food for thought bro. Welcome to meso and good luck!

    The skank
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    Get gear online. It seems pretty sketchy. I'm just trying not to lose money but apparently that's a risk associated with it and at some point is very likely to happen. I am a newbie and I just didn't wanna wear out my welcome by asking something inappropriately. But thank you for your input.
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    AAS nowadays is like gambling. You win some, you lose some. Once you get that mantra in your head the better off you will be.

    BTW, Welcome.
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    Yeah I did this. We bs'd on here for a second the other day. A little bit about the "vacation" time being the start of my working out etc. This was your advice before and it was solid. Got a lot of good feedback. Tbh some of your pics are why I'm still interested in gear lol. Thanks again dude
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  10. Thanks man! Again welcome to meso bro. Im not a vet, but some defenitley schooled me. This is my first cycle and 98 percent of all the knowledge I have acquired came from MESO. I have talked about everything from AAS to being in recovery and being free of street drugs. I do nerd out a lot on MESO cuz I'm a full time Dad and I'm on parole, so I never go out. Eat, train, Dad, sleep. Don't let anything get in the way of your dreams...

    The skank
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    I spent countless hours searching threads. Use the search bar. You won't be spoon fed here
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    We have very similar lives my man
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  13. Djw10711

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    I hear ya. Don't expect to be. Just new to this whole forum, aa world and putting my feelers out there.
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  14. nophat

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    Their are good private sources
    With some good gear.
    Would give you a list of them.
    That's y their private talk to long standing members that have no complaints.
    You are talking with one now.
    So what can we get you four.

    Reaserch a few dudes
    And ask them what they have
    After talking to them you will get the answes
    Some are great sources then run them by the
    Then post about who they thing is the best ones.
    And don't beleav what they all safe. If you don't find one onboxx me what are you wanting
    Rews or finished
    Pm me.
  15. grey

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    It ends up being a fair amount of reading up on all the sources reviewed here, sorting through the ones who have BW posted, etc...

    Worth the effort though given the state of affairs in drug purchasing/use. The products from various UGL's even seem to have a fair amount of variance from reseller to reseller so the research is kind of crucial.
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  16. You can read and research all you want but at the end of the day it's gonna be a bit of a gamble. There will be some clear src's to avoid, but EVERY src is only as good as it's last batch. At some point you just gotta roll the dice and pull the trigger...

    A lot of guys will order small, just the minimum as to not lose a lot of money. That's one way to do it. Personally if I'm gonna make a decision to do business with someone I go all in....I like to order larger quantities of a single product in the hopes it will all be the same batch (usually is). My thinking is, regardless of how good or bad that batch may prove to be, at least I know what I've got. I don't want to change my test label or batch 2-3 times in a single cycle and have to try to figure out how to compensate accordingly.

    Hang around it's all here.
    Good Luck
  17. Is this real life??!! For real?

    @Djw10711 stay away from snakes like this. I'm sure you got PMs already from people offering you "help" or assistance, such as this one. But as @TANGO.ECHO.KILO said, you've gotta roll the dice. Don't spend more then you can afford to lose. Research research research
  18. Djw10711

    Djw10711 Member

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to try and help me out
  19. Djw10711

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    Thanks dude. I know there's a lot out there that's shady I am just new to this realm. Thus the post I appreciate the look out
  20. Djw10711

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    Ok at the risk of sounding really stupid... Roidsmall???