Protein and blood in my urine. Blood work link included. Think it's because of high blood pressure?

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    So the kidney function indicators are good apparently. eGFR, Creatinine, Bun/creatinine ratio. But they found +1 blood and +2 protein in my urine. I always had small amount of blood in my urine from childhood which my urologist couldn't find a reason for and said it was nothing to worry about but the protein is new. I'm on 200 mg of testosterone per week and am taking MK677. I think the water retention from the GH peptide was causing my blood pressure to elevate because I just had it taken yesterday at the doc's and it was 140 something over 70. Hypertension can cause chronic kidney disease so I think that's the reason because injectables do not harm the kidneys from what I've read, just orals which are both liver and kidney toxic, and also injectable trenbolone I think, if that's correct? I was prescribed telmisartan for the blood pressure when I was on cycle once but I stopped taking it when I started cruising because my bp normalized (118/58 was my last reading) but I recently introduced the MK677 and haven't checked the BP in a few weeks not thinking, so I think that's the reason it's elevated. I started taking the telmi again and my BP is once again good but I scheduled a nephrologist appointment to get checked out and make sure my kidneys aren't damaged. Was wondering if anyone with kidney knowledge can take a look at the blood work I uploaded on Imgur and give me any advice. My hematocrit has also always been on the low side of normal (always about 38-42% around there) and I always wondered why because even when blasting it has been like that and I feel like I've always been tired my whole life (i'm 25). And now my hemoglobin is low as well along with high RDW (which I think is a sign of anemia?) I'm thinking this is because I'm just pissing out blood constantly, even the extra blood testosterone creates, causing chronic anemia. So I'll ask to get a full iron/blood panel drawn too. Any advice appreciated. Thank you.
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