Protein and fats in morning w GH

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  1. Like title says would it be ok to just have a protein shake or a meal with just fats and proteins with my gh shot in the morning? No carbs
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    What are you concerned about?
  3. Insulin resistance if I eat carbs with gh since gh prtes gluconeogenesis
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    Its fine to do what you stated.
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    I love how cold this message is :)
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    Are you going to make sure you limit your carbs or litterally have zero? Cause some protein shakes have like 1-2 carbs.
  7. Just enough until the spoke is over. Carb intake probably 2-3 hrs later
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  8. Spike*
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    am testing my BG a lot now and so far nothing to be worried about. Its much easier then i thought.

    If i were you look into it. That way you know for sure.
  10. Yeah man I will, it's funny because I'm in the Medical field but personal experiences are always better than research papers
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    But bloodwork or bg tests are always better then personal experience. @jJjburton is doing it right. The testing is easy enough and its correct, not a guessing.
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    You know, insuline resistacnce with gh is a long term side effect with multiple patways involved and eating carbs regardless of the timing most likely wont change the outcome
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    I agree with Havah above. Many things come into factor with insulin resistance. It takes a long time at a very high dose for it to wreck you IR.

    Are you limiting your carbs to prolong the GH spike?
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    I think you should wait at least 60min. I don’t remember where or who said that as a general rule but I do the same. Pin in morning wait an hour drink a shake goto gym. Like clock work, stay consistent.
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  15. I'm familiar with the whole mechanism because of my background. I just ask because I believe personal experiences are better than papers imo. Insurance resistance does take time to develop. However shuttling carbs and elevating the glucose serum levels during the time you take the GH will exacerbate it.
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  16. Right on man, that's a given that I will do the BG test
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