Protein powder with morning coffee

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    My brother gave me a great idea an I thought maybe some of you would like it to.every morning when I get up I drink 3 cups of coffee before I do anything else well I put one scoop of protein powder in each cup the heat from the coffee disolved it so good its not thick at all its like putting creamer in an I got about 72 grams of protein in before I even started cooking my eggs im definitely adding this to my morning routine u guys should give it a shot I personally love it
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    I remember Ben Pakulski preached protein powder, MCT, and caffeine (coffee) as a morning meal.

    That is quite a bit of powder not including your post workout shake if you hve one. Coffee and protein powder isn’t making you shoot toilets through floors?
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    Na it doesn't mess up my stomach at all but im use to coffee an only use gold standard 100% whey any other powder I tried destroys my stomach but for some reason that doesn't bother me at all an I don't use post workout shakes for some reason when I'm done working out if I drink a shake it hurts my stomach I prefer chicken breast with sweet potatoes post workout anything solid will work tho
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    I personally have never allowed heat to come in contact with my protein until it is reaches the stomach which is at about 98degF. For reference, normally coffee is served at temp around 160degF.

    Protein manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop processes such cold filtering/processing to prevent denaturing the protein. I would think mixing protein in hot liquids or heating protein would degrade the protein. For this reason, I have actually always preached never making protein pancakes, mixing with hot cereals and...
    Or do you guys think about this?
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    People use protein powder to bake all the time.
  6. Mac11wildcat

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    This occurs with any protein; you cook all your meats. But yes, supp companies make huge efforts to keep from denaturing protein with heat.