Protonmail Accounts Hacked

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by Skull, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. Skull

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    I wanted to start this thread to lwt everyknow that recently i have seen two guys protonmail addys becoming hacked. Jus wanted to let everyone know to be safe about clicking on links that are sent to your protonmail accounts. ......
  2. Good looking out Skull. Just curious, how did they know there accounts were hacked?
  3. Skull

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    WhiteRhinos got hacked an posed as him to get somone to order. Then ripped him off. Rhino has already made it right on his part with the affected member so thats all an well but guys, beware. People are startin to make the switch to totanota now.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Thanks for the headsup @Skull. I will change the PW's on mine and already I have set up tutanota emails.

    I do have a funny feeling some people fell for the phishing attack emails that were sent to ProtonMail users.
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  5. Also should add, if you get any suspicious emails regarding the password to your account or anything requiring you to provide account or personal information, do not respond or click any links.
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  6. MindlessWork

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    Just found one in my inbox so promptly trashed it. These scams are only getting worse not better so the more people educated on this the better.
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  7. Mrfreeza1

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  8. OldmanRob

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    I decided to check my account, found something about a free steroid calculator.

    The message was from a guy named Greg Wong.......WTF is that all about. I seem to recall a few others saying something about this.
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  9. MindlessWork

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    I would trash that one...that steroid calculator you'd have to pay for, and yes a thread was posted about it.
  10. Kakarot

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    Sister website to ppl. Anyone that made an account on ppl site got the email
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  11. The calculator appears to be a free service. Any mention of money was for ad space on the site. Either way, it was still underhanded of PPL to just start spamming people.
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  12. TideGear

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    Don't mean to contradict you @Skull but this guy hasn't made anything right. He's not responding to my emails now and I don't get the feeling that he is gonna make it right. He posted on M & S last night at around 11pm and I emailed him yesterday morning so it's not like he hasn't been around a computer or smart phone. He's clearly just avoiding my emails. Like I said, I don't get the feeling that he's gonna make it right so buyer beware. If I don't hear back from him today I'm gonna join that board and warn them about him too.
  13. OldmanRob

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    Personally, I have White Rhino lumpednin with North 44 and Trinity, maybe I am wrong but I don't trust the Rhino at all.
  14. TideGear

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    I just posted in his thread on M&S. I don't trust his ass either though.
  15. Are you just gonna use that forum to bitch or what? :D:p
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  16. TideGear

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    Hahaha they aren't like us
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  17. Millard Baker

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    There's nothing wrong with Protonmail security. Don't be fooled. These are clearly the result of user negligence and poor security practices. Phishing attacks are unsophisticated and old school but still surprisingly effective.
  18. Thaistick

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    And not limited to ProtonMail. A very large source was just had his account compromised on tutanota.
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  19. master.on

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    IMO it won't take long for DEA/NSA to at least try to hack encrypted emails, especially those selling fent.
    Maybe already mastered? Who knows.