Protonmail currently under massive DDoS attack - out of service 36 hours and counting.

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by Millard Baker, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Millard Baker

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    Protonmail has been under a massive DDoS attack that has taken its services offline for over 36 hours and counting. It has emphasized that all data is "safe and untouched" but it is seeking outside assistance to mitigate the attack and looking for other datacenters in Switzerland "brave enough" to host its servers. Protonmail's twitter page is the source of updates:

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    I read this earlier. This is killin me. Proton was my #1 and safemail was my backup. Now I have no email (besides gmail). :(
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  3. gr8whitetrukker

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  4. jaymaximus

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    For people who don’t know what a DDOS attack is, here is a metaphor that best illustrates it:

    Imagine yourself as a car on the freeway. You want to access ProtonMail, so you are driving to visit our site that’s located in Switzerland. Because the internet is amazing, it takes less than a second to arrive. During a DDOS attack, millions of fake cars join you on the freeway and cause a massive traffic jam. The result is that ProtonMail is unharmed and perfectly fine, but no one can visit because of the grid-lock.
  5. Millard Baker

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    It's back online.
  6. DTdr2

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    I can't help but wonder which gov/agency could be responsible. Proton must be doing something right.
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  7. Millard Baker

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    The two posts on Protonmail's twitter time line immediately before the DDoS posts were about USA/CISA and UK/Investigatory Powers Bill.
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    I noticed this. do you think gov hired hackers????
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  9. caveman72

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    ya its my first safe encryption email. how safe honestlu is out emails
  10. Millard Baker

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    Protonmail is under DDoS attack again. It says it is a sophisticated attack with "capabilities more commonly possessed by state sponsored actors."

    They have set up a gofundme page to raise donations for top-of-the-line DDoS prevention solutions:

  11. jaymaximus

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    Damn. I went on trying to check and it was down again.

    I read that they paid a 6000 bitcoin ransom earlier to get them to stop. Then the attack started back up.

    Looks like I may have to find a new email service.
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  12. MindlessWork

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    No email service is safe these days. What about tutanota? They getting attacked too?
  13. Darman

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    I just joined Tutanota, they are fine. Guess in this day and age we need multiple protected accounts
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    I have them but from my understanding they don't have pgp encryption available at least from what I've seen.. Just end to end encryption. Man I was looking into proton mail too... That's crazy how you going to pay a 6000 btc random... Then ask to gofundme after you give away your Bitcoin.. Your only inviting more attackers..
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    Proton is still down for me. Good heads up Millard. First Safemail and now this. What the fuck is going on? The Feds are going nuts.
  16. Millard Baker

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    That looks like what happened. Some think a second group started a DDoS attack after Protonmail paid the first group.
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    I just got into my account
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    Still down for me, that's weird
  20. gr8whitetrukker

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    I'm good. Just logged in
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