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    Better as in secure.

    You can choose to send encrypted messages to other non Proton users or not. If it is, they have to follow a link to decrypt. If not, then it's delivered just like any other mail service.
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    Already on the waiting list.
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    Signed up. Thanks
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    Same here and for a while.
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    y'all should look at tutanota
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    I was on the waiting list for proton mail for about 3 weeks maybe. Just got my confirmation that my account was ready a couple of days ago and set it up this morning. Has to be "set up" on a PC. No phone or tablet. It can be used from anything after the initial setup.
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    Crazy you guys had to wait. I was on the wait list for a week at most.
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    They need to stand alone Android app for email interface so you don't have to use the browser on phone, that would be nice.
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    I'm on the list as well, have been for a couple of weeks now.
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    Is it more secure then safemail?
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    Safe-mail is Israeli owned. They communicate fully with US agencies.
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    Without doubt.
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    Safe-mail, as do most email providers, release requested information when presented with a valid court order in their jurisdiction.



    Anyone use Unseen?
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    I am a big fan of unseen , very secure. military, vets, and first responders also can receive a free premium account.
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    Plus they have an android mobile app.
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    Unseen is the only mail I use. Free and completely secure
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    Securenym can't because there's no way to match the account to a specific person. Countermail and Anonymousspeech just flat out won't cooperate with the US government.