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    Hey Guys, I’ve recently been trying out Proviron @ 25 mg for a bit. Based on everything I’ve read, it should be giving me a decent boost in libido and ‘feeling good’, etc. However, the thing is, I don’t seem to feel any benefit at all from it. It’s worth mentioning that I typically don’t need an AI at mediocre doses of Test either. I’m wondering if the AI effects of Proviron are causing this underwhelming affect, or if I’m simply taking too low of a dose (25 mg/ED) to feel the full benefits?

    I already have a decent sex drive and don’t have any problems with ED as it is, but looking for that extra something to make me feel like a pornstar in bed. I’m also curious as to what this ‘feeling good’ thing is all about with DHT compounds. I’ve also never tried Mast. Is Mast worth a shot if Proviron isn’t effective to me? If I did use Mast, it would be for the muscle-building properties as well, and not just the illusive reasons I’ve mentioned.

    Any advice? Thanks brothers!
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    same here with me.... had better luck with the above feeling better on masteron as you said,,, but, acne got pretty bad on it but that's just me. stop the proviron and give masteron a try
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    Thanks bud. I’m seriously leaning towards that. I’m starting a cycle of Primo this week, and then I’ll probably be looking to Mast next.
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  4. You really can't go by the feelz. i mentioned in another thread recently that with the exception of some short lived energy from Dbol that i could actually feel, i've gotten no other feelz from any other AAS that i've used, including masteron.

    Sure, there was a noticeable libido boost with Test at or above 500 mg/wk, but i was also lethargic as fuck, but no Superman feeling, no boost in the feelz of well being or anything along those lines.
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    Good point. Maybe I set my expectations too high. Maybe I read too many anecdotal experiences from others saying DHT steroids made them into euphoric feeling sex gods.

    I guess I can dream.
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    So test over 500 makes you lethargic or you mean from orals?
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    Which one makes you stress less?
    Sign me the fuck up for some of that shit.
  8. Test at 500 mg/wk or above makes me lethargic. Mind you, this is without an AI. So it may be likely due to the rise in E2.

    Haven't run Test that high in a long time, with really no plans to do so, otherwise i would add an AI and compare how good, bad or indifferent the lethargy is.
  9. SpicyGains321

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    Shit man, more than anything, half a gram of Test makes me feel fucking terrific.
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    Very interesting. Low dose test and no AI compared to high dose test an AI.
    It’s prob user specific too. I mean we both may have different effects. Each person would really have to find out for himself.
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  11. The ole man

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    125 mg tpp eod
    125 mg npp eod
    100 mg test p eod
    100 mg mast p eod

    Would come out to this correct?
    785 test
    435 npp
    350 mg mast
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    Don’t be discouraged, just know that if you want the benefits of proviron, you need to run it higher. 50+mg. I really notice the vascularity and hardening I get from it at 75+mg is similar to 300mgs of masteron prop and 100-125mg is like 400mg of mast. Except I feel better on proviron, and it’s cheaper than mast. Before giving up on it I really think you should give my recommendation a shot, I would hate for you to Miss out on something you might end up loving
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    If you want a DHT compound that will increase your libido,, then I would give Anadrol a try if I were you. That stuff really makes me want to pound anything that moves! But mind you,, if you use anadrol deep into a steroid cycle,, then that feeling from it won't be there so much. To get that real good libido feeling from it,,, you have to take it as a first compound in a cycle.
  14. Possibly? :D My EOD routines always consisted of M/W/F.

    True EOD would have you pinning 3 days one week, 4 days the next, which would keep things more stable than my pseudo EOD, but the math on it always confused me, so i just took the most simplistic approach.
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    TBH, that's the case with every compound I have ever used in the beginning. I get wat your saying though, some more than others. it has to do with compounds and their binding affinity. Anadrol taken the last Four week of a tren cycle is not going to impact libido like it would in the first four wks.
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  16. kosp

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    I tried 100mg/day of proviron for a few days. Hardening was very noticeable, oily skin and a very masculine feeling. I think It crashed a bit my estrogen and I was nothing like horny.

    Best libido I've experienced:

    1) Just natty and with solid partner.

    2) 500mg test + hcg
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  17. Ophydian

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    The only feel good I get from DHT (Primo) compounds is that small blood pressure drop after I’ve finished my 5 minute injection into my glute. Similar to taking a large shit.
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  18. SpicyGains321

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    Maybe I’ll up the dose a little and see what happens. Thanks for your perspective!
  19. 88GENERAL88

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    In Regards to masteron, it causes acne on a lot of people including myself, never notice acne on high dose proviron
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    The best I have ever felt was on 700mg+ of test and 300mg of mast prop. Running low dose adex I think 1mg e3d. The second I add in a oral, with the exception of proviron. My liver takes a shit and I get lethargic. Low dose test and tren I feel amazing until week 7 comes.
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