proviron? anyone?

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  1. Avies48

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    hey my last source has taken a break, and i really need to get some proviron, again! i had a script, but it was so dang expensive out of pocket that i need to go the opposite route, ill probably get the script back if i have to but would rather put that money towards more proviron....

    any help is greatly appreciated!

  2. audix235

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    Unless I've misread something, this forum is for the discussion of various UGL brands - NOT for asking for sources for various things.

    You should probably just search around, it's not that hard really.
  3. Avies48

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    GOOD FIRST POST! no prob , but ive asked for, and a ton of others have too, stuff in the past with no issues! so i thought id ask to see if anyone had a good source for this compound, as i cannot find it, unless i want to pay $100 for a few tabs.
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    nice 1st post, you're gona be popular.............

    much leads one to believe you have already got and account or 20 :rolleyes:
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  5. mac111

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    Proviron isnt much cheaper on the black either.

    why you want it so badly? its largely useless....
  6. Avies48

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    i like it for the e2 benefits as well as the libido, with it and low dose test on trt it is a benefit and has been for me at least! plus adding in clomid ill be able to drop my stane and hcg...

    at least i understand this to be true...
  7. mac111

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    if on a proper trt dosage than you shouldnt need stane and hcg is only for cosmetic purposes. you really dont need pro and like all drugs it can be nothing more than a mental crutch.

    what is your trt dose and is it self prescribed or legit?
  8. Avies48

    Avies48 Member

    its legit, 200 mlg test c e5d, hcg 500 iu 2'x a week along with stane, 12.5 ed, deca 100-150 mlg a week for joints,

    running a blast and cruise a few times a year as well then it will be

    test 500 mlg week,
    deca 300-350 week
    hcg if needed
    clomid (if i replace it and take out hcg,)
    stane @ 12.5 ed
    caber on hand and prami as well along with Anavar and dbol, dbol at the beginning, anavar at the end to help keep strength up and shed a bit of weight,

    tht a cruise though, so i wanted to thro in provi, and keep the stane at 12.5 ed
  9. leoclaw79

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    this MIGHT be a dumb question but could one possibly use hcg for TRT?
  10. Avies48

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    YES ITS CALLED HCG MONOTHERAPY, if u have low t try clomid by itsself as well, thats what most doctors try if they dont try hcg monotherapy.

    but beaware: hcg will raise ur e2 as well, so an anti e is supposed to be used along with it, as well as with clomid i suppose?
  11. Pericles

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    I too have been looking for Proviron. I used to get it 8-10 years ago from a reliable source (a friend who went to Mexico himself to get it...sadly he passed away).

    A little test and Proviron, and I could bang all night....and that was at age 43.

    I am 50 now, on a legit TRT program, and have also been thinking of adding Proviron back to the mix.

    I have a reliable source, but its expensive.
  12. Avies48

    Avies48 Member

    yeah i saw a post u put up and ive found some but it is expensive!!
  13. Pericles

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    MexVett has it cheaper, and has gotten mostly good reviews on EROIDS, but as we know not everything on EROIDS is legit. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good sources on EROIDS, but you are still taking your chances.

    I am probably going to just pay the high Price for the legit Bayer/Schering.
  14. mac111

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    no, you can't, think about it, it aint test.

    Dr Scally gets pissed at people thinkin they can lol
  15. mac111

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    no, you cant use hcg as trt.......

    why on earth are you using clomid on a trt prog?! you are being fed a crock of shit by some quack clinic all to glad to relieve you of cash man. you need one thing and one thing only for trt, testosterone at replacement levels hence the 'r' in trt.........
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  16. Avies48

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    ok so let me get this correct, clomid has no place in trt because testosterone is THE ONLY THING THAT WILL RAISE TEST?? sorry bud YOUR WRONG! hcg has been shown to raise test, clomid, (this is why doctors try a restart with clomid) WILL RAISE your test! and restart ur system,

    hcg has been show to raise both test and estro, and i personally know people who are on hcg only with an ai and they respond well and their test levels are decently high, i also know people who just use clomid and have raisen their test levels.
  17. Pericles

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    Clomid absolutely will raise levels. I use it for pct. I would also recommend it to young guys as a first alternative to steroids. However you should not take Clomid long term.
  18. Avies48

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    yeah some understand that clomid will actually raise test levels, but some do not get it! i know people who are on it all the time, with trt, and without... not sure if its good to do that, but im about to get some and get on it till i start pinning my trt again!