Proviron for libido. Has anyone used it? Does it supress HPTA?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by Tyler81, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Tyler81 Member

    I was gonna post this in the steriod forum, but i don't trust the replies in that forum.

    When i was researching libido, "proviron" kept coming up over and over in the google search. And guys raving about it.

    Some people say it's supressive to the HPTA. Some say at low doses it's not.

    Many people say it's amazing for libido.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? :popcorn:
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    zossima Junior Member

    I don't have experience but with out a doubt that it will provoke some suppression on your HPTA.

    It can be used to improve the ratio of T/E because it will suppress T and consequently E2 by increasing an androgen analog to DHT that doe not aromatizes.

    suppression is guaranteed.

    I'll translate the last part:

    "un descenso significativo de FSH ocurrio en 8, y de LH y Testosterona en 5."

    A significant decrease in FSH was seen in 8 of LH and testosterone in 5
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    wannapitchabettertent Junior Member

    Proviron is DHT. So I guess it kind of depends on the reason someone has low libido.
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    sade Banned

    Yeah, it defo works! I'm on like day 4 at 100mg a day.
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    Proviron is for lowering shbg to make a person more anabolic on a steroid cycle.
    It is also used as a hardening agent for females or males preping for body building or figure contest.

    Tyler you are just drawing strings and only going to make issues worse then what they are by self mediciating.
    Get with a good DR and let him do his job. After reading all your post you are just stabing in the dark about this or that, oh this next. You are all over the fucking place and honesty going to fuck yourself up royally.
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    musulman Banned


    tyler i think hans wants you to get him to sort you out, he charges 250 dollars for initial consult and i think he will help you, i did not have that money, if i did i may have taken him up.
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    Just saying stop playing DR and get with a good DR who ever it may be.. I hate when I get a hold of people and they are like fix me. I tell them nicely that you become your worst enemie out of desperation. I was in that boat for 4 years wasted so much money on gimmick stuff supplements trying to get better so I know your frustrations. the thing is that I have been through just about every scenerio humanly possible. I know have the knowledge is circumvent them and to not allow you to make the same mistakes common. I just want him to get proper help instead of making matters worse then what they are already.
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    Tyler81 Member

    I`m self medicating with nothing right now. I have been on nothing for the past 7 weeks- it`ll be 2 months on monday.

    I am waiting for my hpta to get back to what it was before. I am not on any treatments right now. I dont plan to (knock on wood) or want to, be on any trt treatments.

    The only thing I am waiting for now, is to see the result of my grnH stimulation test to make sure my pituitary is producing proper LH and FSH when stimulated with grnH hormone directly. If it is, then I am confident within 3-6 months (maxxxxx) I will be totally fine again.

    I would rather NOT be on trt at this time. I have tried the patch, clomid, hcg, the gel, the shots.

    Overall, it`s too much a headache, and I would rather get back to what I had before all this.

    It`s a decision i made with my endo (who is a good doctor) and he is monitoring my recovery.
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    1erCru Member

    I think what HAN is trying to say is you have been obsessing about lack of libido for a considerable amount of time. The problem with obsessing is that it usually leads nowhere and in many ways highjacks your recovery. If you recover your libido will recover, if you don't or partially recover it may not return the way you want it to. The good news is that you are on your way to recovery and have a good doctor that you seem to trust. Worse case scenario, you know that Testim restores your libido. Its really a win win situation, full, partial, or no recovery... you have options which is a very good thing. Trying to figure everything out via queries and questions, at least, after a certain point really begins to seem like an attempt to control something that you really have little control over.

    Btw I don't practice what I preach, I have OCD, Low Libido, somewhat low T, Depression, IBS, Interstitial Cystitis, low grade fibro, and chronic fatigue. I know EXACTLY how you feel in regards to the desire to take control of the situation and its super scary not having libido, but it certainly isn't the end of the world for you as you have a plan in place and options to counter a fall through of those plans.
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    musulman Banned

    If you believe in god, have trust in him to do best for you, then forget it.

    That's why being a believer makes it easier psychologically and allow you to better handle.

    Leave it to god, trust in him.
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    Tyler81 Member

    I am agnostic. I dont really believe in "God" in that sense of the word.
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    Tyler81 Member

    Yeah I have been...

    Yeah, Testim is the worst case scenario.

    The best case scenario is normalizing by the end of the summer.

    Thanks for the post.

    I suppose I post on here because I want to feel like I am being proactive. It IS out of my control, but I like to feel like I am thinking things through this time, and I make the proper decisions in the future.

    For example, I don't want to jump onto Testim until I am absolutely sure that I won't be able to recover and/or my T levels fall too low again. If I have to wait it out for an extra month or two than what was expected, that's a small price to pay for a lifelong treatment option.

    I have essentially lost the entire bulk of 2010 already. I am not exgerating here. The entire year is totally shot.

    Another few months of waiting isn't a big deal.

    When I recover (i say when, not if) it will be a long road back to "normalcy" in my life.

    I can look back on 2010 as a kind of "hell" that i went through. Almost like a right of passage.

    I don't think anything in life can bother me after what i've been through. The shit that people complain about on a day to day basis is so trivial. It won't phase me anymore after this.

    I am trying to see the brightside, and i think the brightside is, pain is a great teacher.

    I feel when I come out of this, I will be a stronger, and more confident man.
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    with out faith you have no hope it is as simple as that.
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    CubbieBlue Member

    How the hell has your whole year been totally shot? What have you been doing? Have you been in school? Working? If not, why not? If you have, then how has your year been shot?

    Your problem is a low libido - and you are saying your year has been ruined? I don't get it.
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    Tyler81 Member

    whatever bud. i have hope and faith, but it has nothing to do with god.
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    Tyler81 Member

    Are you kidding me?

    My year has been shot because i had to leave my job because it was a very social people oriented job, and i just couldn't do it anymore. My job was in sales/marketing, and i had to acquire new clients, and i had to do multiple face to face presentations/day, and considering my MOOD, LIBIDO, ENERGY, VITALITY, was all shot, i had to quit.

    Mood included irritability, anger, mild to moderate depression.

    Libido isnt just sex drive btw. It is the essence of a man- including his motivation, creativity, alpha male instinct and drive.

    I moved back home with my folks, and this whole thing has put a tremendous strain on my relationship. Its a miracle my girl is patient. I haven't partied or drank or had "normal" fun in a long time. I've also lost touched with good friends because i haven't been in the mood to hangout and attend events and parties feeling inconsistent the past 6 months.

    As of now, I am looking into going back to school, because if I get a second chance at life, I want to make it count. I think I will heal, but I dont want to go back to the "rat race" that I was in before. I want to do what I want to do in life.
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