Proviron or more test on cruise

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by luissp, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. luissp

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    Just started to use Proviron , on a test cycle, if not the first time ever, the first time in 20+ years.

    Considering it seems to increase BP and HCT, increase DHT, similarly to Test and acts by lowering SHBG and making the test more potent if I understood properly, considering also it costs quite a bit more than Test. Does it make much sense to use it during cruise/add it to TRT (or even blast, although more compounds will be involved for most people) ?

    On the plus side it is supposed to help keeping AI in check and raise libido, which I would welcome, as high E2 and prolactin seem to hurt my erections. Been a few days on 50mg a day and didn´t notice anything btw, but that dose appears on the low end. About to receive some more, so thinking about how to use it.
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    If you looked into proviron more .. you’d see it has a good bit of benefits.. I’d run it cycle or trt
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    Proviron and cialis together be the ticket
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    Proviron is a nice addition to any stack. That being said, for what you get out of it, I'd rather use masteron. Or just a bit more test. Nothing wrong with the proviron approach though
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  5. Damn bro
    does it ever go down?
    your poor wife or Girlfriend eh?
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    Thanks, hoping for that. usually I feel good sexually on 5mg cialis a day, but not that great on high test (prolactin gets past the normal range). Waiting for some more Cialis as drugstores here have started asking for a prescription, might bump it to 10mg, when on cycle at least.

    Thanks, care to share at what dose you would you run it ?
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    If you guys take proviron to increase you libido. What happens when your body is acclimated to the proviron? More and more drugs? And when that doesn't work? Then you really have a phallic problem.

    Make good choices! And if you don't, at least share them with the rest of us so we can learn ;)

    Taking drugs to "fix" a problem many times creates a new problem.
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    Hahah yea it does ..
    Wife takes care of it..
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  9. More test = not cruise...
    So there's your answer.
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