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  1. TheH0517

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    Are pump products worth it?

    Looking into buying the ingredients standalone and making my own for less than $1/serving.

    Just don’t know how effective they truly are and if I’m just causing unnecessary gut/liver stress.

    They seemed to work well last bulk, but I’m simplifying my supplement use and that’s one thing I’m debating still.
  2. The Milk Man

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    Honestly one of the best “pump” products I’ve used was a blend of magnesium potassium and sodium I forgot what it’s called. When I’m home I’ll check it out. I love it because it’s simple as fuck and works for me. I can feel a huge difference in quality of pump using it.
  3. Evom1

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    Hydromax and cittruline are great !
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  4. Xlgx

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    Primitive pump by MuscleFeast
  5. Rosconow

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    I blend 5gm citrulline malate, 5gm aakg and 5gm creatine in grapefruit juice.7 Its my pre workout, and gets me a pretty good pump (nothing like Anavar though....). It seems to take about a week to build up in my system before it really starts working.

    My training partner blended up the same recipe, and he said he got nothing off of it. So like everything, each to their own.
  6. DrankSlangin

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    Frog juice. Pumps are so intense I can’t even use it on leg and back days. Lower back pumps are too much for me.
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  7. I get great pumps sipping cyclic dextrin with some pink Salt during my workout and 6g citrulline malate pre with some pink Salt... im trying to stay away from Stim preworkout and just as yourself been cutting down my supplements use.
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  8. TheH0517

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    Ya, today is day 2 of my rebound. So since my cut is over, I just have my morning coffee at work and have dropped all other stims. I have a pump concoction I’m going to make myself by buying the bulk powders. Waaaaaay cheaper. I injured my upper chest/shoulder like 2 weeks from the end of my cut so I unfortunately couldn’t finish as strong as I’d hope but, I’m slowly lifting light weights through my rebound to help rehab and keep muscle stimulation going so the rebound doesn’t go to waste.

    Ironically, I lost a pound after dat one of my rebound so I may need to up my calories quicker than I expected!:eek:
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  9. Well, an intra shake is always a good investment imo and it’s not a huge amount of calories but I do believe it reaps a lot of benefits recovery wise and with extended performance in the gym. Even just some cyclic dextrin and a scoop of eaa’s works wonders.
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  10. TheH0517

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    Ya I’ve implemented the HBCD + EAA for some time. I’ll sometimes take 10mg cialis too. During the end of my cut, I dropped the HBCD for like 4 weeks and my recovery was complete trash and I got injured.
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  11. Yeah I definitely notice a significant difference now that I’ve been using an intra shake for some time now between recovery abilities with and without it.
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  12. MCFC

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  13. Rosconow

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    I tried it for awhile. Worked really good for pumps and vascularity. But really sucked for cardio on the bike or elliptical... as soon as there was friction from the pant leg....
  14. Danny56

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    That is my stack as well.