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    So I'm literally new to all this ran first cycle with sus and enanthat like both plus npp. I already have my next cycle ready 250 e and deca 200 with the possibility of using some masteron. Cant wait moving into my first pct within the month. Anyway my question is. Can I just order from Pharmacom. Got my first two cycles from a friend home brewed tested pharmacy grade gear. Hes wanting to chill though. I wanna prep and get AI's. Not sure how to shop. Can anyone help??
  2. Home brewed pharmacy grade is an oxymoron.

    You can order from any source that you feel comfortable with. PCT meds and AI's should be pharma grade, because those are crucial drugs that if bunk, can ruin your cycle and prolong your recovery.

    There are a couple of options here on Meso for pharma grade ancillaries. Take your time and weigh out your options. There's no need to be in a rush.
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    Your friend's homebrew setup was GMP certified? How did he manage to get the FDA to sign off on that...?
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    Tested well that's all, yup oxymoron forsure. Thank for the info MisterSuperGod, hell of a name by the way. Definitely no rush at all excited though I did well naturally in the gym but I also work in concrete so I was beginning to work against myself with the two but I'm not about to shut down. Love the forum
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  5. Home brewed pharmacy grade is an oxymoron.

    Exactly. Literally had a good laugh when I read that!!!
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    Look around at some of the labs in the uunderground and use your best judgment....
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    Read as much as you can and take your time doing so. There’s a lot of options out there to get what you are wanting. Do as much research as you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything!
    There’s a lot of knowledgeable guys around here that can help. Just don’t take things personal if you get sarcasm or someone being a dick in some of the replies lol. :eek:

    It’s always better to do your own research on anything you are looking for. This will help you more than anything!

    @MisterSuperGod advice is spot on!

    Just remember that you are the one that’s looking for a source and information, don’t let anyone fool you if they try to offer you anything in PM. Sadly they’re scammers out to just get your money! Or could just be @HIGHRISK sending his dick pics.... :oops:
    So stay focused o_O :D

    Good luck!

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    You act like I do it every day. Only on Saturdays Mr.
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    Dick pics sweet that's a bonus. Better watch it might get one back. Even better a pic of what I ate yesterday. Good with the sarcasm and shit talk. Actually welcome it, makes it fun. Thanks for all the good advice.
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    Use the reply button or quote button when replying directly to someone that way they know who you’re talking to.
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    like this
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    I did I'm a fucking genius
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    Lmfao good job Johnny!! There are good options here in the underground. Me personally i got my test from ugl and some pct,hcg, and some other stuff from outside the US amd from a pharmacy at it seems customs doesnt care much by what ive seen about pct meds and its a whole lot cheaper when its not domestic. Lil longer wait but meh. Good luck man
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    cool thanks I've read good things about ugl definatly going to check them out.
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    If you are new/lazy to research.
    Pharmacom is a trusted source.... Can't really go wrong with them. Some call them pricey but at least they are solid.
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    I noticed the prices definitely not lazy just having a hard time navigating I have time on my hand love to read and research.
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