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    Hey guys,

    So I ran across this site that sells "hcg" so I decided to purchase since the risk wasn't too high about 35 bucks. I got the HCG in the mail. Today I decided to mix it up and test it on a preggo test. The results where....Negative. I usually am very excited about negative results, but not when its HCG for my boys lol I was hoping it was good to go. I ran my other pregnyl pharma grade and it came out positive. Anyways just wanted to put that out there just in case anyone was looking into it.
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    I'm confused
    So you are excited that you aren't pregnant, and angry that it's bunk hcg?
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    As with any peptide company the validity of their products vary wildly depending on the product.

    I've used PureRawz for powder MK677 for over a year and the blood work has shown it's the real deal each time. They're Tada (pills) has also been good. I have a script for it and I can't tell the difference between pharma and their stuff.

    I'm currently evaluating their 2mg adex pills. As of this moment I'd say it's real but under dose by 50% or more compared to my pharma Adex.

    I got some legit superdrol from them when they first opened up shop. They stopped carrying it shortly after that though.

    They are apparently moving their operation to EU very soon so I'd predict their entire operation will become less reliable both in shipping and product. Too bad because they were solid when they first got up and running.
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    Correct, I am sure theve had good batches in the past, just the one I ordered was not. Also I got the email about the move so I won't be using them anymore. I was using their DMAA and it was working pretty good.
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    Yep, they’re QC was hit or miss with some stuff. I added some of their BA water to an order just to have some extra. When it arrived it was 1 month from expiration. Not a big deal but who sends out product that about to expire?

    Oh well, now we wait for the “next new guy” to come along and do it “better” than all the rest.
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    Was that big-pharma HCG being resold?
    Or just their label HCG?
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    I used their label HCG
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    Quick question how did you test your HCG; with regular dip stick thats used for pissing or one of these? I'm hearing mixed reviews about RX Pharm, and all other generic Indian HCG, but I heard those more exp dip sticks aren't very reliable, in fact the cheap one I posted below where someone recently made a vid showed that the PureRawz HCG and his pharm grade were exactly the same.