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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by 350lift, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. 350lift

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    Why is this garbage and roids24 being promoted all over youtube

    I don’t see it lasting long
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  2. Deez5950

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    I tried their cialis before the shit gave me a pounding headache. I've gotten a stuffy nose or a little headache before from other brands but this shit was like no other. I honestly threw it the fuck away.
  3. fodsod

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    They've been around for a while now but have slowly been converting over to a bunch of bullshit products that no one except noobs or guys scared of real PEDS would even consider using.

    When they first got rolling they had some legit raw powder based products (super drol, clen, t3, ect..) but after about 6 months they dropped it all, added links to some sketchy AAS website and started stocking crap.
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  4. svracer295

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    I got some rad from them, it was a caffeine pill I bet... Shit was so bad, made my heart go crazy and got a blazin headache. I threw it out, wouldn't even give it away.
  5. That's fucked up, next time get it tested so you can hopefully expose scammers.

    Rad is a feel good compound when it's real, 20mg gives me nice pumps and pretty side free gains (small gains)
    Also puts me in a slightly better mood.. I start to see aggression at 30mg.. even then, nothing serious.
    Nice little add on to my blasts