"Pure Testosterone" Liquid - Real?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by James23, Oct 22, 2009.

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    James23 Member

    I was given a vial of "pure testosterone" in liquid form by my Endocrinologist. I was told it could be applied topically OR sublingually. It was created by a local compounding pharmacy and the label only states "Testosterone 25mg/ml PG". I'm a little suspicious because I've never heard of anything like this.

    I hoped some steroid experts here might be able to take a guess at exactly what this could be:

    Is there any chance that this is the liver toxic methylated testosterone?

    Is it even possible for this to be "pure testosterone" or testosterone dissolved in water or propylene glycol?

    Secondly, would be the conversion rate to DHT and E2 for something like this? I've been told that there is a high concentration of 5-AR in saliva.
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    peanutbutter Banned Spammer

    can you make some pic of vial and label?
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    dennis Member

    What is the doc recomending for dosage ??
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    mr.nitro Member

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    James23 Member

    I'll try to take a picture later today. It's a clear eyedropper vial with a while label wrapped completely around it. It has the name of a local compounding pharmacy in small text at the top of the label and then "testosterone 25mg/ml PG" handwritten in ink.

    Doctor reccomends 2-3 drops under the tongue.

    Like Mr. Nitro said, I think it's really supposed to be used on the skin. It tastes like rubbing alcohol.

    Any idea about how testosterone would convert to DHT in the mouth/gums? Is 5-AR in saliva?

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