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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Mac1056, Nov 22, 2019.

  1. Mac1056

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    Anyone deal with this source?
  2. bambam333

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    Yea don’t underdosed trash and scammers. I got bloods on here somewhere in a thread.
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  3. Very well known and liked at ASF.
    I've never seen one issue in 6 years over there
  4. Oh yeah. I remember you're the one guy in a million that doesn't like them.
    What happened bro? You have a link?
  5. bambam333

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    In a million? You must be a member of asf thinking PSL isn’t trash because they are notoriously shit from everywhere except the pay to play forums. Give me a minute I’ll see if I can pull it up
  6. bambam333

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  7. JC Grifter

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    I’ve never used them so I can only give my “impression” of what I’ve seen. They’re a sponsored source on EliteFitness and Evolutionary. My concern about them would be the moderators in those two boards (the same people actually) push it like they’re getting commission. They all respond in unison with almost the same posts every thread. They also push certain supplements that they are personally involved with as the only products you should take in cycle. The vetting process on those sites are not (in my opinion) as good as on here.

    doesn’t mean they’re not legit. That’s just my feelings about them.
  8. ONE bad blood. From you. Who knows how much you were injecting pw. I don't know you. I don't trust you.
    So because of YOUR one bad blood work that you could've altered a million different ways, they're complete garbage?
    Also, your grammar I horrible bro. It makes me think you probably wouldn't be smart enough to pull it off. Who knows though.
    Also, I don't trust them either. I'm not standing up for this source.
    To say any source is garbage from one blood work on crazy.
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  9. SpicyGains321

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    Yes, exactly. Evo pisses me off. If someone even asks about a source other than PSL, the immediate response by all of the mods is something along the lines of ‘PSL is the only way to go’. They won’t even entertain the idea of any other source being legit. And also, Dylan Gemelli is one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever had pleasure of reading posts from.

    I got banned from Evo for arguing with PSL’s rep, Vision. In all honesty, fuck Evo and their biased bullshit.
  10. Mdrock98

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    I have 7 test cyp unopened from psl. A shame if it’s bunk.
  11. bambam333

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    My grammar? Who gives a fuck this is a steroid forum go to your poetry forum you wanna find anyone who gives a fuck about grammar. Go ahead use PSL then if your going to shill for them I don’t give a fuck what anyone’s doing but doing bloods on 750 mg of test a week after 5 weeks 72 hours after last pin to come back at 1200 I can tel you no matter what the variables are it is GARBAGE my man. Also didn’t do bloods but I’m sure as shit when I had to pop 4 Anadrol and 8 dbol and didn’t feel a thing I can tell you that’s garbage. 50mg if either of those makes me feel like shit. And as for their response to the matter you would think it’s ok to suggest this source to someone else. You should stay at evo asf and bop they can you more guys like you because here we call out shit sources not protect them. If your cool with 1200’on 750mg I can jerk off in some mct oil and send your way
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  12. EP has been around forever and been solid.
    I've never seen any complaints, but yours.
  13. bambam333

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    Because they get banned and deleted. Doesn’t matter to me I try many different sources and do bloodwork. Theirs was bad I wouldn’t continue to do more than one because one bad bloodwork is enough for me. I just shared the bloods and came to my conclusion about them especially after their response. Too many good sources around to waste time with them
  14. phenominal34

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    Here’s another .... They are def trash I was injecting 400 mg a week test e , 2 shots of 200 . Got bloods pulled and total test was 1070 lmao .... they are garbage and multiple ppl know it . I posted results at eco said they were shit and they banned me loll . You can love em all u want numbers don’t lie pal .
  15. Mdrock98

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    So basically I should trash the my cyp from them. Fucking shame.
  16. I'm not your pal or buddy. I also don't give a fuck about that source. I don't trust them, I don't trust you, and I don't trust the other guy. They've been around for 10 years and I was simply stating that out of the tens of thousands of vials they've sold, one guy (now two - ONLY at Meso, have stated they've had bad bloods)
    I don't know your protocol, how you respond to test, if you actually we're even doing EP products or if you were, if you actually were even doing the dose you stated.
    I was simply stating that one bad set of blood doesn't make a company shitty overall. If you disagree with that, then we have a difference of opinion...
    So stop saying I'm source cock riding and all that other bullshit.
  17. bambam333

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    Maybe not trash it you can do 4cc for every 1cc you were gunna do or sell it to compoundlifts
  18. phenominal34

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    Purity source = you riding their cock . Fuck off clown how’s that instead of pal , you’ve said enough to know you’re a purity fan , maybe you’re Dylan Gemelli .

    Boxed Mac n cheese has been around forever too .... that shit sucks , get the point .
  19. Sp2.0

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    I wouldn't trash it. Their batches may have been bad ,yours may be good. I'd pin it and pull bloods or send it in for testing but wouldn't toss it since it's already bought and paid for