Purple Panda Labs blood work 750mg / week

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Sudz, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Sudz

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    7 weeks on PPL international test e 750 mg / week and 500mg / week of their EQ...
    Bloods taken 46 hours after last pin.
    This shit was toxic to me every time i injected id get a high fever and feel like i had the flu which is why my white blood cells are so high. I mentioned this to them several weeks ago to try and get it replaced but they dont give a fuck. I tried to tough it out, but cant go on any more. image1.png
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  2. Evom1

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    @Dr JIM any input on the wbc here?
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  3. JackSmooth

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    Do you have any previous bloodwork from past cycles to compare too?

    Test seems low imo.
  4. Dr JIM

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    Although the WBC is high such a response (AKA leukemoid reaction) may be the result of bone marrow stimulation bc the OP is ANEMIC!

    @Sudz see your PHYSICIAN PRONTO, bc not withstanding “gastritis or a bleeding ulcer” your lab tests are inconsistent with an AAS related complication!

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  5. Dr JIM

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    Actually it would be nice to have a CBC for comparison
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  6. janoshik

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    What the actual fuck. That is as much leukemoid reaction as I'm an elephant and PLEASE elaborate how does EPO stimulate WBC.

    Only thing you are correct there is anemic.

    And why could he be anemic?

    Anemia from acute infection, which is consistent with this (ie sideropenic anemia image, high neutrophils)...

    What race are you @Sudz ? if you are of african descent there could be other diagnoses to consider, which basically appear only with said demographic

    Other things to consider include chronic bleeding, as JIM suggests, but I deem the above to be more likely.
  7. master.on

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    Besides anemic, @Sudz serum Chlorine level is low AF
    cramps will follow.
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  8. janoshik

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    Yeah, almost as if something terrible and life-threatening had happened to him. He's on verge of death almost.

    It's almost as if he lifted or did some cardio on that day :confused:

    ... get lost, stupid.
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  9. G2Ready

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    @Sudz when did you start your AI and at what dose?
  10. I would be surprised if you don't get sick at such crazy high dosages. That's a cycle to become 300 pounds. Not even rich Pianna was taking that much crap on his bigger by the day series when he reached 300+ plus pounds.
  11. G2Ready

    G2Ready Member

    750 mg a week ain’t that much

    Even with 500 eq

    Can it be done with less— yes it can

    But look at his TT level—- might need more :(

    Edit— he never said pin schedule/ or have previous bw
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  12. Estrogen is on the floor too. I wonder if he got one of those badges of test spiked with AIs or if he overdosing AIs.

    Total test don't coincide with the supposed and alleged 750mgs/week hes claiming.

    Someone is lying here...
  13. Sudz

    Sudz Member

    Pin schedule was every Monday / Thursday and I started taking PPL arimidex on the second week. I was trying to take around 0.5 mg eod but the little hearts they send are almost impossible to break in half so I had started taking 1mg every 4 days. It seemed to work well as I felt fine except after I inject I’d feel sick with a fever. When I had pre bloods drawn my e2 was 18 so it’s around normal range for me. Also I’m quite lean as I was on keto 13 weeks before starting cycle. This was all planned out but went to complete shit. Everything would probably be fine if the gear didn’t make me sick as fuck after every injection and if the EQ didn’t seem questionable.
    Many try to claim it’s the miglyol but I don’t think the carrier oil is the culprit but I may be wrong. Everything I’ve had in the past is gso, safflower, and whatever jelfa used back in the day in omnadren.
  14. fodsod

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    1695 on 750 Test E and 500 EQ weekly seems pretty low. I've hit higher than that (numbers via blood work) on 250 of Test E. You've certainly got some other stuff going on though. Good luck.
  15. Coloman

    Coloman Junior Member

    Sooo, I just pinned my 1st ever dose of their Test E. Did .1mL as a precaution, waited 2 days, seemed fine. Sunday, pinned a whole mL and I've been sick AF all week (felt shit within 24 hours). Full on runny nose, sore throat, achy body. Had to call in sick to work wed/thurs, and barely made it in today.

    But, no sign of localized infection at the pin site. Could be some kind of dirty chemical reaction to the whole body I guess.

    Coincidence, it's January so did I just get sick? Don't fucking know.

    Everyone says test flu just lasts a day or two (never had it before) so I've just been assuming coincidence and I must have caught a real cold or flu because this is 5 days and counting. After reading this post I'm not so sure. Now I'm scared to pin the 2nd dose and continue the cycle because if it is the Test E, I can't afford to miss another week of work.
  16. Skull

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    Damn you gettin sick off of ppl an @Sudz t-levels coming back more than questionable smh..I hope yall get to the bottem of this but its not lookin good on ppl's part. The fucked up part is when you go to get ahold of the big bossman @purplepandalabs .....He could give a fuck less since its jus a drop in the bucket to him if he does hurt an harm anyone. Hes all about that bottem line....$$$$$
  17. Coloman

    Coloman Junior Member

    Well I'd sure like to hear others speak up if they had a bad reaction to PPL.

    Real flu or dirty gear?
  18. Skull

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    Time will tell. All i know is ppl has been here jus long enough for guys to start complainin about their gear. Right on Q if ya ask me. I will not give them the benefit of the doubt, not after what ive seen.....
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  19. Dr JIM

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    And these labs are a classic example of why many cycling PEDs require the assistance of a HCP

    Bc only a limited number possess the fund of knowledge required to interpret the results esp on a therapeutic level.

  20. Dr JIM

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    It’s no coincidence your symptoms are consistent with
    an “upper respiratory infection” and Nov - Jan are “Flu” season

    Moreover although I’ve yet see “Test Flu” diagnostic criteria, I’m quite sure rhinorrhea (runny nose) is NOT one of them