PurplePandaLabs And Monkey King Anabolics Are The Same Lab

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by CensoredBoardsSuck, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. It looks like Panda might be preparing to abandon the sinking PPL ship and rebrand as Monkey King Anabolics.

    I have confirmed that they are using the same VPN and IP in China.
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  2. tengtren

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    This is what a lot thought from the beginning, seems like using different VPN and IP would be a thing if you were rebranding?:confused:
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  3. MindlessWork

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    Wow, thanks for the confirmation and headsup CBS...you rock!
  4. RCCP

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    And you confirmed that how?
  5. tengtren

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  6. MindlessWork

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    They better not have 2dumb as a rep this time.
  7. Eman

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    Lol, these tits look awfully alike. The top one from MK was cropped for a very good reason too I imagine if it was taken in the same bathroom. Bottom one posted by PPL. Sadly, sources get traction when they do post these pics.

    The sentence structure, intro, marketing technique... All looks very similar. I browsed the intro, didn't give it a lot of thought. Didn't MK show up right around the time the PPL rep was brought on? Directly prior to that, PPL wanted to eliminate the previous rep and get back to being available to his customers directly... Not too long after that, the retard rep 2dumb gets hired and MK makes an entrance.
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  8. Without divulging too much, many sources leave themselves vulnerable because they don't take their security seriously enough. Panda needs to tighten things up.
  9. Eman

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    I forget who it was that indicated PPL was a liability due to his IT security, @Roger rabbit maybe? Someone has been saying this for quite a while, shouldn't come as shocking news to anyone.
  10. AnTabolic73

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    I believe it was @Robfromga .

    Many have speculated that this was the case. It's cool that's it's been confirmed.

    Cant you choose your own ip address when you use a vpn @CensoredBoardsSuck ?
  11. I hope the (lack of) cleanliness of that bathroom mirror isn't indicative of the state of cleanliness at his raws factory, but I suspect it probably is.

    I don't know why he didn't just come out and admit it. It's not like he put much effort into hiding it. No wonder he hired 2dumb - neither one is capable of disguising themselves.
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    I don’t think it’s the same woman. The nipples are a lot different. But we’ve definitely all speculated they’re one and the same. MK is all about the bling, including his monkey head vials with gold leaf on them. Panda is all about the bling.
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  13. Roger rabbit

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    Yes I’ve hounded this clown for a very long time about his security. Which they claim is un crackable but it is far from uncrackable.

    Besides the fact panda himself broke his own security policy and sold users information to a third party and once called out for it he back tracked and said it was his partner who actually did it.

    Edit: wrong thread. Thought I was in a different thread. My fault.

    Edit 2: just realized this is a thread dedicated to both labs.... my head is blown lmfao.
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  14. Panda doesn't always use a VPN.
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  15. Eman

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    In response to a question regarding PPL:

    I bet you do wish you had stuck to selling raws and international finished lol... You never recovered from the domestic fiasco.

    It makes a lot of sense that you're headed back to the States to open the domestic line the right way. It just makes too much sense.

    Monkeys... Pandas... You do have a knack for marketing don't you.

    That's right... I had a few guys in my mind but couldn't think of who it was that was very critical of that. For good reason too.
  16. eje1990

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  17. Roger rabbit

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    Is asked monkey king about this before in private he claimed that in China only so many are used.... so they all have some in common.

    @master.on shared this connection.
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  18. Eman

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    I thought the same thing but it's angled and nipples change like the weather... Look past the tits, grasshopper... That is the same chick.

    Regardless, I was kind of being lighthearted with that part of my post... Aside from that, it just makes way too much sense that these two are the same.
  19. eje1990

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    It also depends where. "Politically sensitive" areas and VPNs in China don't mix well. They will throw your ass in jail. Idk if there are limited VPNs in China
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    Just asked my girl. She agrees they are the same. If the nipples are simply harder they change color. And as well as lighting. (Obviously)
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