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    Hey Meso,

    I'm SwolePanda owner of Purple Panda Labs. I've come here to offer our quality Raws to the members of Meso. We are a verified source on Reddits SST. We have lots of reviews on SST for anyone to check out. All of our Raws are hplc tested and the test report is listed on our website under the compound.

    You can view our current stock on our website. Please order off the website or feel free to email us your order. We are offering a 5% discount for Meso users who want to give us a try, the coupon code is: Meso777. Please just email us the promo code and order number and we'll apply it.

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    I just woke up, am I seeing purple pandas? I'm lying back down, this won't get good for awhile.:rolleyes:
    Kick ass avi. Purple panda, catchy name.
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    Verified source on Reddit ? Count me in!
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    A 5% discount don't hurt yourself brother really. That is not a good way to introduce yourself here.

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    I knew the thread was coming, just didn't know when... thought it would happen sooner in reality...
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    Panda Panda Panda Panda

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    Fwiw, the shipping methods used are as good as can be. Won't get into detail publicly but it can't be beat. Maybe matched but not beat.

    I've used PPL for test cyp, deca, tren a and Dbol. No bloods taken at all, just aas usage and whatever the results ended up being. I'm currently running their cyp @ 600mg/wk, Deca @ 250mg/wk, tren ace @ 350mg/wk. Dbol to start in a few weeks.

    I am hell bent on getting bloods because I am starting to get acne on my back and want to see what's going on with my body. So, as an early promise to the thread I will get bloods and post up.

    What's the Meso protocol again? 48hrs after last pin??
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    Yeah 48.

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    do you have any broads from Atlanta?
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    Thank you.
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    Primobolan acetate orals? Can't say ive ever seen that before....
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    I think potg even carries primo orals..
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    Ahhhh! Just an observation... Kind of a noob and never ran primo let alone see it in oral form before
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    While your prices look great you didn't give very detailed information. Domestic or intl? I also see you carry finished products as well. Filtering methods? Carrier oil used? What steps to do take to ensure strerlization?
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    Seems this one can't wait till New Source Friday :rolleyes:
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    If i recall i think it said intl on their main page on the pic of the body builder dude... Also says "has broads in Atlanta" w/e that means
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    We are a international source located in southern china. Our carrier oil is GSO. Our filtration system is a peristaltic pump that filters through a .45 and then .22 filter. We insure sterilization by having a dedicated facility that has a clean room laboratory setup and our brewer wears a body suit with a respirator.
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