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  1. Kenseth

    Kenseth Junior Member

    I was wondering how many of you Bro's do pushups on a regular basis outside of your routine. And I guess what I really want to know is would it be alright for me to do like 4 sets of 50 before I go to bed every night or should I do em EOD, currently I only workout chest on monday's along with Tri's.
  2. betterthanu

    betterthanu Junior Member

    I do 5 sets of 30 along with 200 situps a night. The pushups are 10 with hands together in diamond shape. 10 on knuckles regular and 10 wide grip. I'm so buff.lol
  3. C A

    C A Junior Member

    i don't bother with calistenics.. I feel like if i have to do any more than 8 reps it's not worth my time.
  4. Meathead74

    Meathead74 Junior Member


    I am in the army and do pushups all the damn time now. I don't think that it has negatively affected my gym work. I don't know how many a day we do, but i would say that 3-400 a day isn't a stretch

  5. Hogg

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    Perhaps the question is, what exactly do you expect to gain out of doing 4 sets of 50 pushups nightly? Is it enough load to have any sort of beneficial impact on contractile proteins? No, anything that you can do 50 of will only benefit you in terms of endurance, best case.

    One might argue that pushups could be of benefit in terms of active recovery but since you only train once a week, active recovery is something you need not worry about.....its not like you're going to train the muscle more than once a week anyway so there is no reason for speeding recovery along.
  6. Green Darter

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    I was in the army to been out 13 yrs now.Did 3 yrs got my Honorable discharge,etc couldnt wait to get the heal out.You are so right doing pushups Mon to Fri every AM PT is insane it actually works against you.
    To this day I wont do a push up.I just got back from the gym and even chin-ups I grew to hate heeheee and those we only did on PT tests.
    I feel anyway you train a muscle more than once every 7 days is overtraining.For me anyway many here disagree.
    I was in Korea my first year 2nd division we actually had an incredible gym even than at 18 I felt my chest "workout" was suffering from those damn 5 day a week pushups.
    Where are you stationed? I imagine your stateside.
  7. Kenseth

    Kenseth Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies guy now I know it's not worth the time of me doing them
  8. Meathead74

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    Right now I am at Ft. Bragg...we have got some nice gyms here too...Bout to be at an APO addy, if you know what I mean.

  9. billj

    billj Junior Member

    the only thing you get out of doing pushups is being able to do more pushups, thats it. Exercise in futility
  10. Green Darter

    Green Darter Junior Member

    Ouch APO addy,well look at it this way its only temporary.The good thing about the army bases is free gyms several gyms to chose from the bad thing is the army.
    I heard Bragg is nice.I was in Korea 1 yr than Panama(PARADISE) 2 years.Than I left.They tried to get me to re-enlist but I hated artillery,field,etc.
    Army is different now.I think it was probably easier when I was in more free time overall calmer,easier since peace time and no threats to worry about.
    Stay safe.
  11. C-J

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    Meathaed, you in permanent party yet or still in schools? Where you located now? Drop me a line at cj@cyber-rights.net . I did 10 years and had to move on! :-D
    Later Bro
  12. C-J

    C-J Junior Member

    Sorry Bro

    I left USASOC Ft. Bragg in Aug 99. Dont miss much ... if anything. All the best to you bro. Be safe.
  13. C-J

    C-J Junior Member

    Panama? :-D

    I did 4 years in paradise too! 89-93. Ft. Davis. Instructed at JOTB for a while... assisted in taking down Noriega in 89. And the Peacock bass fishing was insane! catchin big bass with a paperclip and a boot string wasnt too far fetched!
    Later Bro.
  14. Green Darter

    Green Darter Junior Member

    10 years.You were on your way to becoming a Lifer.What made you ETS after 10 years?
    3 was plenty for me.I imagine you had a nice MOS unlike my lousy artillery.With a nice job its not bad but anything combat that requires field duty sucks.
  15. C-J

    C-J Junior Member


    When I hit the 10 year mark and it was Re-Up time, I was just recovering from a shitty parachute accident that compressed my L4 and buldged my L5 and broke my tailbone. I had been going in for weighted traction EOD for nearly a year. I was back to about 80%. I did alot of soul searching that final year and decided that me walking...possibly running and playing with my 2 children far outweighed my job as a Commo guy on an "A" team. I could have had surgery to fuse everything together but I declined the gracious offer! I started off a 72E (Signal...comm center type) then we were reclassed to 74C and I went to selection early 93 for 18E. Team life is/was super... but Clinton screwed all that up with the draw down of forces. His philosophy of "doing more with less" drove all the top dawgs out of the service because the same team members were deploying all the damn time... I was gone 10 months out of the freakin year! That can take a toll on the wife and kids... and I just didnt have the desire anymore. Sorry for the book fellas!
  16. Green Darter

    Green Darter Junior Member

    Oh you were gun ho.I never went to airborne school.I went to ROK(heehe that easy BS 1 week korean ranger school)Air assault at Ft Campbell,Than Jungle warfare school in Panama.
    As you know these schools are geared so everybody passes them not the type of schools you have gone to.
    I was into it at first than I grew to hate it. I saw that the military are the sons of the working class,poor maybe tops middle class.
    The sons of the people who benefit the most from this country the Rich dont do a damn thing for this country.I began to see things differently and just waited for my time to get out.
    When you start to think to much its time to get out.