PYRO Rx™ – Thermogenic/Energy/Stimulant loggers needed!!!

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    PYRO Rx™ – Thermogenic/Energy/Stimulant loggers needed!!!

    IronMagLabs Bodybuilding Supplements & Prohormones: Pyro Rx

    Loggers must be experienced lifters that reside in the USA.

    IronMagLabs is looking for the loggers to use as directed on the bottle.

    You must start the log in this forum BEFORE December 15th.

    You must have OVER 250 posts at MESO and be an adult.

    Please post in this thread why you should be considered for logging this product for free.


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    id run it.
    Not much beats a walking
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    sorry on the train home.
    Walking Billboard
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    PM me a shipping addy brother if you agree to a log.

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    My question for any new thermogenic is: How does it compare to ephedrine / caffeine stack?
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    Pyro contains caffeine but also DMAA. DMAA is less jittery for me than ephedrine but frankly I like strong coffeee pre training so its hard to beat a good strong cup of coffee value wise. Ephedrine is quite effective on me as well. I would say Pyro is a bit milder and smoother without the crash at 1 cap. Pyro at 2 caps is pretty strong.
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