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    does anyone have any experience with this brand or know any one who has ran it ? Just started few days ago, seen some labs on the websites forumn talk and have a buddy who personally used it for awhile but would like to hear from Meso. Thanks
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    Pretty sure there's a whole thread on them in the underground
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    I saw one from maybe years back but wasn’t the conclusion , the guy just decided to go with them? Never posted back after long term use , tried to pm the guy months ago and he never responded to me , it’s a fair price and domestic , someone posted 2iu 2 and a half hours before bloods testing at 336 a week ago . Hoping some guys have some knowledge on it , or I’ll update as time goes on
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    It is sponsored at the bottom of the page for some reason , the admin for the site used to be a member on here but can tag him anymore
  5. @RGL90,
    Hey man. RS here.

    I truly believe, once people start taking the Qtropin they spend most of the time at the gym, that's may be the reason why we don't see him on MESO. =)
    Looking forward to your feedback, thanks for choosing Qtropin.

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    Cool man , good to see you here , not trying to shill for them but before I came to Meso , used the source for years , always came through , excellent customer service and super fast domestic . Will keep everyone updated on this qtropin journey
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  7. Yeah brother
    Doing any testing?
    Like IGF1 or serum?

    Would be nice to see some feedback on Qtropin

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    So I’m gonna start off by adding I’m new to growth this is first time so take that into account , I would like to do testing if you could point me in right direction ? And also what would be your protocol for dosage days for me and wife ? Starting out 7 a week then maybe drop to 5 or 6 ? Or what ? Looking forward to hearing from you , been following your post and respect what you have to say
  9. Well for dosage
    That's going to really depend on what you want to achieve
    well being?
    (Also, just going to tag @mands here in case I fuck anything up, since I learned 99.9% of what I know about GH by reading his posts)

    Some guys run 10iu
    Some run 2iu

    I personally like 2iu for wellness personally.
    For women, depending on size, 1iu to 1.5 ou is a good starting point

    If you want to lose fat ...
    Inject first thing AM and do some fasted exercise or light cardio to watch the fat melt.

    Or you can be lazy like me
    I typically run 4iu AM/PM split.
    I sleep like a fucking baby lol.

    I just do 7 days a week tbh.
    BUT some studies have shown similar increases in IGF1 and fat loss by going 5 on 2 off. (Maybe someone with some more knowledge can help me out here lol)

    So that will be down to personal preference and what you would like to achieve with your GH usage.
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    Would like to add to @Silentlemon1011 comments.

    When it comes to women most will not convert GH to igf-1 as well as males do. So, I would really monitor starting at 1 iu and most likely she will have to up hers a little to get her IGF-1 levels where she would like.

    With that said when you are taking a dose semi-fasted in the morning make sure to take about 3 hours before eating if all possible. This will help with lipolysis.

    I would suggest to get IGF-1 levels checked for both of you before you start. Get a base line.

    Other than that. Carry on @Silentlemon1011 :)
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  11. Thanks brother,
    That's why I tag the big gun lol
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    Well of coarse the goal is to get best scores without having to blow all this money , I’m on cycle and will be for few more months just taking 2iu in the am fasted and giving her 1 for now , I think I would like to work up to 4 or 5 range , but back to her..... when will be a ok time to up her dose to 1.5 or 2? It’s only been a week for us both . Don’t want to shock either of us with CT or lethargy , again we are in this for the long run , just trying to gain some wisdom from you guys
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    And of coarse she’s not trying to be a body builder but like most women just look and feel fantastic , I of coarse am not trying to put on 50 pounds but size and thickness and well being is always nice without breaking the bank having to ridiculous IU amounts
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    I must of missed it. You have already started? What were hers and your levels before you two started?

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    No I irresponsibly did not , started on Monday , I’m on test and tren blast so don’t really know what I’m looking for , prob feeling placebo effects . Any advise though for future testing I’d appreciate , not really to sure to even go about getting IGF tested , thanks mands
  16. That bring up a really great question for me actually.

    GH and Tren, the mechanism of prolactin production dictates that GH+Tren is a bad idea.

    That in certain circumstances it can cause some sides, especially at higher doses of GH.

    Any experience on this one @mands ?

    I'm using this diagram from a study on Prolactin production I read a while ago as s reference point.

    (Mainly the stimulation of breast tissue leading to lactation)

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    Oh good god.....
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    Let me ask you this , am i wasting time injecting mine in the gluteus with a 5/16th Gauge
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  19. The GH?
    I just inject into ant subQ area I can pull on usually lower abdominal, I use a tiny little slin pin.
    I'll post up when I get home
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    Yea I’m doing my wife sub q , guess I’m a bitch and only feel comfortable where I do my AAS shots , just making sure I’m not wasting , studies say a lot on intermuscular but refer to more delts and thigh, thanks bro