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    I was pretty much in shock when the "doctor" started muscle testing on me. I kept thinking "how can this bullshit possibly be practiced in this day and age?" While I knew I had been ripped off, I was too young at the time to know my rights --- if it had happened now, I simply would have called my credit card company and had the charges canceled.

    Sadly, I'm not the only one on this forum that has been surprised when a "doctor" reveals this practice --- While I've never been a patient of Dr. Overbeck (nor any of his associates), there are many posts on this forum regarding his clinic's use of muscle testing (search on meso for "muscle testing" in quotes and you will see).

    And also not surprisingly, the holistic practitioners that are likely to use muscle testing are so often the ones that charge twice as much as ordinary doctors. You are right about the desperate being easy prey. It's a shame...
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    (See: http://forum.mesomorphosis.com/mens-health-forum/my-visit-han-dr-134291766-10.html#post699424 AND http://forum.mesomorphosis.com/mens-health-forum/nutritional-reflex-technique-nrt-134274638.html)

    HAN, is this true? Do you "use muscle testing to identify potential food allergies?"
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    Just so ALL are clear for HAN's statement!
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    the whole businessof treating hypogonadismid is a complete mess IMO!

    1. many endocrinologists don't have a clue on how to treat hypogpnadism
    2. many MDs wirh other specialities don't have a clue on how to treat hypgonadism.
    3. most so called "experts" on this topic have never done a lick of original research on this topic. Troubled men have been treated by "trial and error" and still are.
    4. many 'experts" were former steroid abusers themselves. This includes MDs and DOs.
    5. there is a lot of $$ outthere to be made because troubled men will "pay almost anything" to feel better.
    6. Beware the aging clinics and the docs that give you online advice for a fee!! I wouldn't travel great distances to see an "expert."
    7. IMO we are better off by finding a good adult physician MD and educating her/him.
    8. The future libraries will have dozens of books detailing what we don't know about hypgonadism in 2011.

    Be careful my friends-- the world is full of egos, quackery and money grubbers trying to take advantage of our unfortunate condition.
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    Here's a video of a muscle testing practitioner at work (skip to 3:05 for start of actual muscle test):

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYHzWSMV-hI"]YouTube - Muscle Testing Demonstration, Applied Kinesiology by Austin Chiropractic Care[/ame]

    Hmmm... I think you're low on blinker fluid. Luckily, we can fix you up for a small fee...

    Did you notice at the end that they also have videos on "mind control?" Nice.

    In case its not apparent to some readers: when you apply force at the wrist, you can make that arm go down any time you feel like it. The art of the con is that you apply very small amounts of force when you don't want the arm to go down, and a much larger amount of force when you want the arm to go down, all while being nonchalant about it. Muscle test your friends for fun. Make sure that you make the arm go down when you get to the "sexual stimulation center" (pick any area you like for this), and then tell them that you can supply them a "sexual alignment supplement" for a small fee. In case any one is curious, tell them you charged the supplement at one of the energy vortexes in Sedona.

    Sedona, Arizona - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  8. I have not used muscle testing in several months, I go strictly by clinical symptoms with validated testing confirming proper diagnosis of Dr's patients.
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    I think you missed the point.

    I use muscle testing as well to find the imbalances in peoples energy fields. When I have a client who i do this with . I have them fill out a questionaire then from the questionair and muscle testing i find the imbalance then match it up to the symptoms. Here comes the crazy part I then make my assemeny put it on a piece of paper have them sign it and date it. The next week they get there labs down. Once the test comes back I sit down and go over them thorughly then I report back to the client. Then we compare the assement I did prior before the test to now actually clincal testing results. The results between muscle testing and the labs are at 95% accuracy. I have gotten so good at this now that I can start to pick up on the blockages. The thing is I do my assement and the client has no clue at what i am doing so this way it mind can not cause any inference on the part of the assesment. Once I get 100 or so assessments done and compare the 2 methods and have a success rate back by clincal data then I am going to publish it. "

    Read more from the MESO-Rx Steroid Forum at: http://forum.mesomorphosis.com/mens...rupt-endocrine-134267474-2.html#ixzz1Hqw3jl20
  11. Point is I my views abouth things have changes and gone to a more clincal approach. Yes I have used it in the past.. When dealing with insurance companies and other medical professionals I have present things that can be medically justified in order to be taken seriously in the field.
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    Clinical approach as opposed to a research approach??? I don't understand your first sentence? You have gone from what to what?
  13. When I first started doing this years ago I was not expereince as I now, Again everything has a learning curve, It like an medical professional starting out you get better over time. When I am dealing with Dr's there is no mention of muscle testing or any of that stuff. Its strictly. Here are the findings, evaluation and the resolution based upon clincal research. You run the suggested protocol then retest and moniter symptoms.
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    What the fuck did i just watch?
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    I was muscle tested as a child, 8 years old, and was told I was wheat, diary, and corn sensitive.

    We came to the same conclusion this group has it was kuackery and the diagnosis was bullshit. Fast forward 25 years. I now can not eat diary at all, wheat give me really bad himroids and bloody shits, and corn is little better than wheat.

    I am now on the diet I was recommended at the age of 8 by that quack chiropractor/homeopath.

    He still uses muscle testing to locate problem areas in the muscle skeletal system in his very successful chiropractic practice. He is hands down the best chiro I have ever seen.

    I feel we laugh at what we don’t understand. Also that idiots try to make a buck using a practice they don’t understand. It took many years for chiropractics to be an accepted medicine. Perhaps my experience was a random accident or a lucky guess.
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    What technique of muscle testing does your Chiro use? What is the name of the technique?
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    Resistance muscle testing. You hold your arm up and he presses against it. You should be able to resist his force. He touches different locations that corispond to the area of pain in order to find its starting point. If he hits a problem area you will know as you will be unable to resist the force he applies to your arm. Once the adjustment is done he tests the spot again to see if you can now resist the force. When done properly it’s not bullshit. It’s oldschool but accurate. Gonstead chiropractors use x-rays and more modern technology to achieve the same results.
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    I don’t remember the type of testing done when I was a child to determine I was allergic to wheat, dairy, and corn but again. It was totally non invasive, I believe it was muscle testing and he was 100% right.

    If my memory of the visit is correct he used prepared solutions of the the items and looked for a physiological response. I do remember I had to fast.