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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by sc redneck, Jun 12, 2006.

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    sc redneck

    sc redneck Member

    Trying to find out if QV is back in bizzness. Someone sent me a couple of free bees with a ex date of 09. Any help would be appreciated. They look legit. Have QV pop offs rounded corners,ect,,, Thanks redneck
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    abbott737373 Junior Member

    I think they are still out of commission(tear)
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    sc redneck

    sc redneck Member

    Damn,, hope they aren't fake
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    dzl2004 Junior Member

    I just asked a good friend of mine who is respected in bodybuilding and he told me that qv is still not good as far as he knows so be weary of new products comming from them unless a definate word has been heard that they are up and running again goodluck....Kal
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    Deacon Member

    QV is done for - as a company - the plans are to bring it back in another name and brand etc

    you may or may not have good stuff - in this day and age with QV it is tough - there are alot of fakes on the border - but if this is stuff your man had before the big busts of Operation Gear Grinder it sure may be good stuff

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