Quest Labs - DHT test problems!!!

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by srch4info, Apr 26, 2006.

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    srch4info Junior Member

    OK... it's official... after waiting 19 days, both my doctor and I called Quest labs to find out where the heck my DHT results are and Quest said they are experiencing problems with DHT tests and the lab is completely backed up... and get this; they have no projected date to have the results!!!

    I have written Quest labs directly regarding this and will post their response when and if I receive one.

    I may need to go to Labcorp to have it done but then I have some insurance issues to deal with...
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    jawbone Junior Member

    some hormone assays are sent out to one lab that many other companies use. Not sure if DHT is one of them. So going to another lab might not solve the problem.
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    srch4info Junior Member

    According to the Quest Labs website the DHT test should be performed at:

    CHANTILLY VA 20153
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Jawbone is right all DHT labs are sent out my last one was sent to quest from Biotech and Quest sent it to the Nichols Institute in Chantilly, VA and before that one it was sent to Arup Labs in Salt Lake City, UT and also have been sent to Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland ,OH. Each time it took from 2 to 3 weeks to come back.
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    srch4info Junior Member

    I have only used Quest Labs three times now since my insurance company changed. Prior to that I used LabCorp. This is the first time for either of the two labs that I have ever had a delay on DHT. In the past for both labs my results have consistently been in my doctors hands withing 10 days. This delay really troubles me and it is further delaying my doctors from making my next recomendations... by the time I get the DHT it will be almost 30 days and I will have been on TRT for well over 2 months
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I hear you but what can you do this happens to me a lot some times it comes in in 7 days and once it took 3 weeks but this was once in 22 yrs.
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    srch4info Junior Member

    Below is the response I received from Quest regarding my DHT lab work. I thought the response was extremely professional and I now have a projected date for my results. For the sake of privacy I deleted the name and direct extension of the person who wrote me.

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding your test results. We have investigated your test order from April 7th and unfortunately the Dihydrotestosterone test is still in progress. The laboratory that performs the test is located in Chantilly, Virginia and we have been in contact with them several times over the past 24 hours. Due to issues beyond our control, the assay hasn’t performed up to quality standards. The laboratory is working to release results as quickly as possible. While the delay causes increased anxiety for our patients, it is necessary to ensure correct results are reported so that treatment decisions are reliable. We have been informed by the testing laboratory that they expect your test to report on Friday, April 28th. My office will continue checking with the lab to make sure that this deadline is met.

    I apologize for the delays and fully understand your frustrations. We have escalated your concerns to the Medical Director for the laboratory in Virginia. Should you require additional assistance, I can be reached at 800-800-1749.

    South Florida Director of Client Services

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