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    On my first cycle ever, I did 240mgs restandol, 20mgs d-bol and 50mgs proviron for 6 weeks. I gained a total of 27lbs of which I kept more than 20lbs.

    On my second cycle I used d-bol again at 30mgs (which sadly was fake naposim) and 600mgs test e which I bought myself straight from a drugstore. I run test for 10 weeks and I didn't gain anything at all.

    Training and diet were very carefully examined throughout both cycles.

    A good 6-7 months later I started my third cycle which consisted of 100mgs Anadrol and 900mgs testosterone enanthate which I also bought from a drugstore.

    This time I felt the testosterone kick in at the third week but gains stopped as soon as I stopped taking anadrol.

    I am training to be a pro and I have a very limited amount of time to prepare so as you understand, I can't afford to experiment with drugs that might not do anything for me.

    My question is, why is this happening? Why can't I gain on test? Does it have to do with the number and the location of the androgen receptors?

    Should I just do cycles with 300mgs of test e as a base and alternate between D-bol and Anadrol cycle after cycle?
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    Restandol (oral testosterone undecanoate) really isn't worth using.The oral bioavailability is about 5%. So the 240 mg/day of your first cycle was really comparable to only 20 mg/day testosterone by injection, so it was able to contribute very, very little.

    Not because of testosterone failing as a compound, but the delivery system failing.

    Your second cycle was a fair trial. 600 mg as the total amount of steroid is less than my preferred minimum to recommend (750 mg/week and more preferably 1000 mg/week of total steroid) but with hard training and good nutrition which I do expect you did, you should have gotten some results.

    On the third cycle, did you end the Anadrol at a point where you had already made a lot of good gains, or was it early enough that there should easily have been room for further gains?

    I don't understand not gaining on 900 mg/week testosterone, except where already having moved well above one's "natural limit" and then there will be a point where further gains are very slow. But so far it doesn't sound as if that should have been the case.

    Best bet if in a hurry would be to leave this as a mystery to be resolved at a later time if desired, and rely on proven-for-you drugs (Dianabol or Anadrol) and consider trying the never-fail trenbolone. :)
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    Thanks for the reply Bill!

    So If we suppose that I won't experiment with EQ or Primo and that I will stick to short cycles should I try to be in the 1 gram range per week?

    The way i see it I can alternate between those three cycles:

    Cycle 1:
    1-6: 300mgs Test per week
    1-6: 100mgs Anadrol daily

    Cycle 2:
    1-7: 300mgs Test per week
    1-6: 300-400mgs NPP or tren or Mix of test prop, tren ace and masteron prop
    1-6: 30-50mgs Dianabol

    Cycle 3: (Not very suppressive cycle)
    1-6: 30-50mgs Dianabol
    1-6: 150mgs Proviron (I can't feel it doing anything at any less than 150mgs)

    I have a question about dianabol though. If I respond well to low dosages (20-30mgs) do i need to bump it to 50mgs for the purpose of my cycles or should I just stick to low dosages until I can no longer gain from them?
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    On Cycle 1.

    For most classes of drugs, one can't even begin to speak of generalizations of how many milligrams to use. For example with the NSAIDS, with naproxen you may take 500 mg, but with diclofenace, 50 mg.

    But by chance most of the pharmaceutical anabolic steroids are in practice, for bb'ing purposes, similar in efficacy per milligram and so a good first approximation is to simply total them up.

    There are some exceptions. trenbolone acetate is more potent (effective per milligram) than most, and so one doesn't necessarily have to reach a total of 1000 mg per week in the stack if trenbolone is a major part of it.

    Anadrol is less potent per milligram than Dianabol, at best requiring at least twice as many mg for same effectiveness, and I'm not confident that an Anadrol-based cycle will necessarily be as solid as most gram-per-week cycles when it's comprised of 700 mg/week (total) Anadrol and only 300 mg/week testosterone.

    Where Anadrol is the oral and is at 100 mg/day (a good value), then unless trenbolone is the injectable, I like to see the total somewhat past 1000 mg/week. For example 1400 mg/week (with 700 mg from injectable) would in most instances be good. With Primo, preferably 1700 mg/week total to be solid. (Also hcg in that instance to avoid abnormally low estradiol.)

    Cycle 1 is a little iffy to me.

    On Cycle 2, I like it with the last two choices on injectable. I would extend all the drugs to the 7 weeks: I don't think there would be an advantage to weakening week 7.

    Cycle 3, I'd suggest playing with it, including getting LH tests. A few times I've seen guys get remarkable results with low dose Dianabol, that most just don't get. If you're in that situation, then indeed why not take advantage of it.

    But still, if in a hurry, Cycle 2 would be more in that direction.
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    Thank you for your input! Very good information as always!

    The truth of the matter is that Dianabol and I are very very good friends and it gives tons of lean mass. It doesn't make me stronger though but I don't mind since I gain LMB.

    I was thinking of EQ. It's exactly the opposite of what I was originally thinking to do but I read that it is pretty much an injectable version of Dianabol without being 17aa and it works in pretty much the same way.

    If that is true I could use it at 600mgs per week along with 600-900mgs of test e and 100mgs Anadrol for the first 6 weeks and make amazing gains,

    What do you think about this?

    PS: If I do the 3rd cycle I will include hcg.
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    There's really no similarity between boldenone (equipoise) and Dianabol other than that both are aromatizable anabolic steroids and have good ratio of effect versus adverse side effects. I know many authors say they are supposedly like each other, but this is not from observing what they do, but rather from unwise attempt at trying to reason from a supposed structure-activity relationship. Doesn't always work. In the case of the anabolic steroids, 17a-methylation is actually a very large structure change -- it radically changes the shape of the entire molecule, as it distores to try to move that methyl to a more equatorial position -- and commonly the methylated "versions" behave quite differently from the unmethylated.

    Boldenone is an entirely decent Class I anabolic steroid, but quite unlike Dianabol.
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