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    So I went and seen a wellness doc last year. He put me on hcg 1000iu a week and 60mg Ralox per day. It got too expensive as it wasn't covered by insurance so knowing from blood work I was low normal I am running ugl test cyp on my own.

    Anyways, I have a friend that had his GP put him androgel and nothing else. He ran this for a few months. He tried to talk to his GP about AI. His GP said he didnt know enough and referred him to an Endo. This Endo came unglued refused to treat my friend and then called his GP and blasted him. So my friend goes to the same wellness doc, gets bloods comes back low normal but lower than me even on Pharma Androgel. This wellness doc puts him on clomid. Started at 25mg a day and now up to 50 mg per day.

    Now the question will Clomid actually help get his T levels up? What I have read is Clomid may bring his total T up but will raise his SHBG which will in essence will lower his free T. That said what's the point?

    Any thoughts I can relay back to him other than what I have already told him?
  2. Yes clomid can increase T levels so long as you have testicles that function, is he taking both the gel and clomid? I doubt it’s so badly lowers free T that it would be a concern, I’m guessing it’ll be higher than whatever it is now plus some of the increase in shbg can be somewhat counteracted with some exemestane or other AI. I know some dr’s use clomid for hrt in those with secondary/tertiary hypo who wish to remain fertile.

    I’ve in the process of an extended pct off trt and thus far I’m digging the clomid more than trt, it’s only been 16 days off 100mg/wk trt and 3.5 wks off a test p/TrenA cycles.
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    Thanks, yes he is still in the gel. He has a month or two left. He thinks they will switch him to or add hcg after his next set of bloods. No more gel when he runs out.

    He has been suggesting I run clomid with my 200mg a week Test. I looked back at my baseline bloods and have high shbg so don’t think it will be beneficial for me. I think I need proviron or mast to drop my shbg.

    He will let me know how his next bloods are.
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  4. Hmm idk how beneficial it is to add clomid to trt outside of when someones trying to become fertile, even then hCG and clomid are both added. If you’re staying on trt and just want testicular function/some natty T hCG would be a better choice. If he was going off the gel then the clomid might be better since it’s as close to being natty while still taking a drug. I personally haven’t noticed any bad side effects, maybe acne but that might be from coming off trt. But yea they rise in shbg is likely due to the rise in E levels when used in sub-fertile men, and the estrogenic activity of clomid, which is why an AI would help.
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  5. Why did your dr prescribed Raloxifene, for gyno treatment/prevention?
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    He felt it was a good prevention for gyno while on hcg.
  7. That makes sense, was curious if it was for gyno or to serve a similar purpose as clomid which wouldn’t make sense.
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    I always felt , my doctor as well, that clomid has “ a more direct affect on the hypothalamus” than nolvadex.
    Also, from what i know, clomid doesnt particularly raise shbg, it is nolvadex that does that. Further, nolvadex can lower IGF1 whereas clomid in low dosages does not.
    If you can get by with low dose clomid, it does work rather well.
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    "Expert opinion: Enclomiphene has been shown to increase testosterone levels while stimulating FSH and LH production. Initial studies demonstrated that enclomiphene maintains the androgenic benefit of clomiphene citrate without the undesirable effects attributable to zuclomiphene. This article reviews the difficulties associated with the FDA approval of a new molecular entity related to the treatment of hypogonadism."